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Synonyms for philosopher

Synonyms for philosopher

a person who seeks reason and truth by thinking and meditation


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That philosopher was one of my most intimate acquaintances.
I am the same philosopher who wrote each of the three hundred treatises commemorated by Diogenes Laertes.
Here the philosopher, looking daggers, took occasion to make an end, upon the spot, of his third bottle of Chambertin.
Of this, although extremely indecent in his Majesty, the philosopher took no notice: - simply kicking the dog, and requesting him to be quiet.
But if I have a penchant, Monsieur Bon-Bon - if I have a penchant, it is for a philosopher.
Here the philosopher slapped his Majesty upon the back.
Those who are possessed of it cannot be said to be men of science or philosophers, but they are inspired and divine.
Another time, when Ernest had just said that the metaphysical philosophers could never stand the test of truth, Dr.
An idealistic monist who long puzzled the philosophers of that time with his denial of the existence of matter, but whose clever argument was finally demolished when the new empiric facts of science were philosophically generalized.
This mile-goer is the militant, as the French philosopher Alain Badiou maintains.
Into this whirlwind leaps Robert Weekes, an 18-year-old Montanan who lives with his mother, the legendary Major Emmeline Weekes, philosopher, war hero and vigilante.
Konstantin-Kiril Philosopher ", Rousse Short description: The subject of the public procurement is the delivery of fruit and fruit milk to pupils from the first to fourth grade of ESEE" St.
ISLAMABAD -- The 140th birth anniversary of philosopher, poet of east and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan Allama Mohammad Iqbal was observed on Thursday with great national zeal and enthusiasm.
Lahore -- The 140th birth anniversary of philosopher poet and the conceiver of idea of Pakistan Allama Mohammad Iqbal was observed on Thursday with national spirit.
A philosopher who has not experienced life in its many manifestations is like a composer who has never heard music.