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the humanistic study of language and literature

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Mit Fassung: Fassungsprobleme in Musik- und Text - Philologic, Helga Luhning zum 60.
The description of the Plague of Athens, like that of the Cough of Perinthus by Hippocrates, is an essential text in the philologic and semantic study of epidemics (5).
"Alcuin et les Epistolae Senecae et Pauli." Revue belge de philologic et d'histoire 20 (1941): 589-98.
xcii + 175 (Munchener Universitats-Schriften, Philosophische Fakultat, Texte und Untersuchungen zur Englischen Philologic, 19).
That Cicero's notion of historia magistra vitae was also about "lending immortality to a history that was instructive of life, of rendering perennial its store of experience" is unmentioned.(26) This rhetorical "core" is deproblematized into a "nearly magical gesture of the orator pointing at some inexistent object, made visible," affirmed "by the nearly magical power of his words," and "putting an invisible reality under their eyes," synthesized by autopsia, "direct view."(27) Autopsia is separated from its philologic relative, the post-mortem, the latter suggestive of the possibility of interpretations which go awry, of a vicarious element which is dissociated from autopsia.
(Munchener Universitats -Schriften, Philosophische Fakultat, Texte und Untersuchungen zur Englischen Philologic 14.) Munchen: Fink.