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the humanistic study of language and literature

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from these first men stupid insensate and horrible beasts all the philosophers and philologians should have begun their investigations of the wisdom of the gentile nations and they should have begun with metaphysics which seeks its proofs not in the external world but within the modifications of the mind of him who meditates it in such fashion the first men of the gentile nations children of nascent mankind created things according to their own ideas but they in their own robust ignorance did it by virtue of a wholly corporeal imagination .
There she refers regularly to Derrida while identifying in decadence a linguistic crisis unfolding from the Romantic philologians (Locke, Herder, the British Romantics) onward to Pater and Yeats, a crisis that led late Victorian figures to the discomfiting insight that language might evolve autonomously rather than as an expression of national moral outlook.
The seminar represented an attempt to promote dialogue among social historians and historically minded philologians dealing with all aspects of antiquity in the Mediterranean basin.