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However, with regard to Christianity in China today, it may be more significant in practical terms to show concern for and reflect on how present-day Christian organizations, as part of the Third Sector, should develop their philanthropical work to benefit society, and further, to contribute to the sustainability of China's economy and the building of a harmonious society.
H8 Philanthropical responsibility will have a positive relationship with brand image via customer awareness (indirect effect)
The moral obligations of citizenship included mothering, but also volunteering and other philanthropical activities; importantly, full participation in these realms precluded market activity.
Kalbach admits to "getting more philanthropical in my old age" with donations to the Humane Society, sponsoring the first ever all Sherpa team to Mt.
Addressing Jackson's off-stage image problems, fueled by child-molestation allegations, Caswell said: "He was a kind, giving, philanthropical, gifted artist.
8) In the scene where Hollingsworth, echoing Ahab, asks Coverdale to "strike hands" with him on his philanthropical project and offers him "everything that a manly and generous nature should desire" (3:133), Coverdale almost pulls the lever and votes "Yea.
He always acknowledged the long-term private philanthropical support he had received from a local Newcastle business man, Ken Bell, when establishment science continually and shamefully shunned him as a maverick and outsider.
In this process, the economic strategies are reconnected with the philanthropical ethic of companies insofar as the political and social issues are diluted and replaced with philanthropy.
While Blow Your Bank Wad respects some people's decision to give their life's amassed wealth to charity, discussions of philanthropical giving are largely left to other authors; Blow Your Bank Wad is for anyone who wants to overspend lavishly on themselves right here, right now.
A local philanthropist named Roger Grein approached the university president 4 years ago and expressed his desire to fund a project that would incorporate philanthropical ideas across the entire curriculum.
John McAndrew and Ralph Leiberman were both members of the philanthropical Save Venice committee that has restored so many buildings in the city, including the jewel-like Sta Mafia dei Miracoli.
Mr Meredith was a member of Barry Lions philanthropical organisation.