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  • verb

Synonyms for philander

to be sexually unfaithful to another

Synonyms for philander

have amorous affairs

Related Words

talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

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This was not a group of philanderers. I was surrounded by development people and their favorite givers.
A MARRIED father of two has launched a website offering helpful hints for philanderers.
Queen of mean Anne Robinson hosts the countdown in the BBC's search for the greatest Briton of all time, a list which includes "philanderers, jailbirds, thieves, rogues and vagabonds."
Of course one person who didn't make it over to the Fowler's for celebrations was `Leezer' (is it so hard to prounounce, Pauline?), who was busy joining the long list of Eastenders philanderers that believe themselves to be permanently invisible.
In his last column for the National Post, Richler said, "Don't look to writers for morality lessons." He gave many examples of writers whose own lives were most unedifying; Byron was "mad, bad, and dangerous to know, and others were outrageous liars, philanderers, drunks, druggies, unsuitable babysitters...." Still it is worth pointing out that Richler was wrong in saying that great writers have no lessons to teach us.
Angier shows how cultural biases have influenced research in evolutionary psychology and consequently lead to dubious conclusions about "female nature," such as the idea that women are innately monogamous while men are natural philanderers. But Angier doesn't just point fingers; she offers alternatives and transcends polemics with an enlightened subversiveness that makes for a joyful, fresh vision of womanhood.
Yt h k een off th stretch marks, se seen philanderers - yyou name it, , een off they makes for the you've done it!
He has also described the Royal Family as 'philanderers' with a record of marriage break-ups who 'cost an arm and a leg'.
In other posts the avowed republican also reportedly referred to the royal family as "philanderers".
But some philanderers let hormones rule head and heart.
The show, which has the provisional title Lost Royals, will also include an in-depth look into philanderers such as Charles II to discover what their lives were like.
Viewers will hear stories of alleged adulterers and philanderers who were caught in the act by detectives.
This week twice-dumped hubby Stephen Gammond took a stand against local philanderers by strapping himself to his chimney for five hours brandishing a placard saying 'Down With Jack-the-Lads'.
She believes that all men are philanderers and she's all game to take an extreme action before walking down the aisle with future partner.They all cheat, but most of them get away with it.
Besides, if it's ridding the beautiful game of philanderers that really matters, rather than the beautiful game itself, you may as well accept that there'll be no beautiful game.