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a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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It is because, at your theatres, by what at least I could judge by reading the pieces they play, they see persons swallow the contents of a phial, or suck the button of a ring, and fall dead instantly.
He was naturally humane, but possessed of no small share of moral courage; or, in other words, he was chary of the lives of his patients, and never tried uncertain experiments on such members of society as were considered useful; but, once or twice, when a luckless vagrant had come under his care, he was a little addicted to trying the effects of every phial in his saddle-bags on the strangers constitution.
As he spoke thus, he took from the top of the coffer a phial filled with the powder which we have mentioned above), "here alone is light
He made collections of shells and minerals, knew how to stuff birds, kept a mass of curiosities bought for nothing in his bedroom; took possession of phials and empty perfume bottles for his specimens; pinned butterflies and beetles under glass, hung Chinese parasols on the walls, together with dried fishskins.
Tenders are invited for Syrup Sucralfate 1Gm/5Ml In100ml Bottle, Mfg:-Cipla, Abbott Or Similar Number Indicates Phials,Tendered Quantity Is For 2000 Phials
The phials had their tops snapped off before the powerful painkiller - sometimes stolen from hospitals to be used by addicts - was removed and replaced with water.
Better still with Wales leading with 10 minutes to go, as we so often are, Neil Jenkins finds some excuse to run out onto the field and distributes phials of it to all the players and just watch them grow in confidence
It came in little phials, a yucky yellow liquid with a card attached saying, "Dylan poured out his soul for you and now let his perspiration be your inspiration.
A woman in New Zealand has just pocketed over EUR1,000 in an online auction selling two glass phials that "contain the ghosts of a man and a young girl.
It is sold in phials of an unidentified white powder and must be mixed with bacteriostatic water before being injected.
They wore protective suits and breathing apparatus during a four-day search which uncovered a number of chemicals and phials containing crystal meth.
Around 1,000 phials were given out to visitors to take away.
Hair treatments, including lotions and phials, meanwhile fell 5.
Looking back, Mr White, an engineer, said he always received an annual reminder about his five phials of sperm.
Police and MI5 were put on alert amid fears that the phials of E-coli 0157 sealed in a box marked Bio Hazard, had fallen into terrorist hands.