phi coefficient

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an index of the relation between any two sets of scores that can both be represented on ordered binary dimensions (e

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007) with the phi coefficient indicating a moderate to large effect size ([phi]=.
The strength of the relationship between the variables is, according to the value of Phi coefficient (0.
The phi coefficient is based on the chi-square score and measures the strength of association between variables.
652 Table 3 Phi Coefficient Results for Teacher Education Programs (TE Program) and Teacher Retention Variable Phi coefficient Significance TE Programs -.
On average, the phi coefficient across all SOM items was 0.
To ascertain the strength of the influence of the variables, phi coefficient was determined.
A phi coefficient was calculated to descriptively examine the strength and direction of the relationship between toothpaste type and reported tooth sensitivity.
Studies with samples of more than 125 participants had phi coefficients of 0.
Phi coefficients indicated no significant relationship between participant developmental status, and either gender or ethnicity.