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a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species

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Gossyplures were given to farmers for 50 acres block at tehsil level while pheromone traps were given at union council level.
acupunctatus a trapping system based in pheromone and food attractants baited traps has been developed (Ruiz-Montiel et al., 2008; Rodriguez-Rebollar et al., 2012; Figueroa-Castro et al., 2013).
The sex pheromone of ACB, released by adult females, is a mixture of (Z)-12-tetradecenyl acetate (1a) and (E)-12-tetradecenyl acetate (1b) (Figure 1) [10-12].
ACO algorithm is one of the promising bio-inspired algorithms that can solve routing problems in WSN by using the chemical substances called pheromone that is used for indirect communications between artificial ants for node selection [15,16,17].
Treatments were replicated 2 km apart and farmers' practice plot and pheromone plots were located at 200 m apart from each other.
Present study was focused to describe in detail the elements of courtship and mating behaviors of the Chinese chive fly and provided an evidence of its sex pheromone. The results will help us to understand the courtship behavior of this species, as well as to develop behavioral control methods for insect pests.
In 2008, University of California-Riverside researchers figured out the chemical structure of the bug's aggregation pheromone and named it "murgantiol." But they didn't describe the three-dimensional (3-D) arrangement of the chemical components-a property called "stereochemistry." Murgantiol's chemical formula has the potential for 16 different 3-D forms, known as "stereoisomers."
Pheromones are probably the most ancient form of animal communication, and aside from the flight response noted, fish commonly use pheromone cues to navigate and coordinate intraspecific activities in waters that are often turbid, vast, or relatively featureless.
ACO Techniques that inspires the behaviour of natural ants [21-23] uses the computational agents as ants to determine the shortest route form from nest to food location by depositing the pheromone trails.
Now, a three-year experiment adding mating disruption to McKenzie River filbert acreage has found that farmers who use the pheromone system to confuse the moths can leave their industrial- size pesticide sprayers in the barn one-half to three-quarters of the time.