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a procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis

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band--necessary to secure the heavy, double plastic pheresis tubing to
This individual must then undergo platelet pheresis, a process whereby blood is withdrawn, the platelets removed, and the remaining blood returned to that donor.
Experimental therapies seen in the literature include five to seven exchanges of CSF pheresis over 7-10 days.
One consequence of the large-volume pheresis is that patients receive substantial amounts of citrate as part of the anticoagulation required to maintain flow through the vascular access and the pheresis device.
Though the condition was not itself disabling, the plaintiff alleged that she was fired because "the defendant anticipated that she would undergo a disabling treatment--namely pheresis (or aphereisis), in which the blood is drained from the patient's body, cleansed of its cholesterol, and put back into the patient.
She anticipated undergoing pheresis, a procedure during which the patient's blood is drained from the body, the cholesterol is stripped from the blood, and the blood is transferred back to the patient.
My blood donation was in the form of plasma pheresis.
Auto-immune therapies range from drugs such as steroids to more complicated treatments such as plasma pheresis, whereby aberrant proteins are separated from the blood of the patient, which is then returned to the circulatory system.
A technique, called peripheral stem cell pheresis, is performed after priming the patients bone marrow with substances known as growth factors during a critical period after certain chemotherapy courses.
The pheresis procedure takes about two hours and costs approximately $1,000 per treatment.
Blood donors must be at least age 17 years old, weigh at least 100 pounds for whole blood donations and 110 pounds for pheresis donations and be in good general health.
Contract notice: Plasma Pheresis Consumables and Equipment.
Perseghin, Capra, Pheresis performed Changes in systolic BP Baldini, & Sciorelli with Autopheresis C for ACE group (2001) device significant (p < 0.