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anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Butazolidin)

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This disqualification will see her lose the Major Veteran Riders Champion title, which she won with the 19 year-old roan gelding Ballinteskin Laughtons Flight, who also subsequently tested positive for phenylbutazone and oxyphenbutazone from samples obtained at the event.
Other drugs which showed positive reactions were phenylbutazone, analgin, sulphadiazine, and thiacetazone.
Caroline said that phenylbutazone, commonly known as "bute", is used routinely to treat pain in horses, including arthritis.
Asda reported a test on its Smart Price corned beef had tested positive for very low levels of horse drug phenylbutazone, or bute, which is banned from the human food chain.
Moreover, phenylbutazone, an anti-inflammatory drug banned in human food, had been found in 0.
5 percent were positive for phenylbutazone, a painkiller for horses potentially harmful to humans.
The tests found no traces of the horse pain-killing drug phenylbutazone, which has been found during inspections elsewhere in Europe.
National food inspectors were also asked to test horsemeat in the food chain for the banned anti-inflammatory horse drug phenylbutazone, or "bute".
ASDA is recalling all corned beef from its budget range after traces of veterinary drug phenylbutazone were found in some batches.
The Food Standards Agency said that very low levels of the drug phenylbutazone, known as bute, were detected in Asda Smart Price corned beef.
Summary: The supermarket giant is recalling all corned beef from its budget range after traces of veterinary drug phenylbutazone were found.
A spokesman for the French agriculture ministry told AFP several horse carcasses containing the drug Phenylbutazone have probably ended up being eaten by consumers.
The plan includes the establishment of the presence of unlabeled horse meat in food and detection of possible residues of phenylbutazone in horse meat.
Along with horsemeat, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug phenylbutazone, normally administered to horses as a pain treatment, has entered the European food chain, triggering investigations and soul-searching about the efficacy of governance in an intricately interwoven world.
Tests will also be carried out for the presence of residues of the drug phenylbutazone, used on horses but banned from entering the food chain.