phenyl salicylate

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a white powder with a pleasant taste and odor


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The phenyl salicylate presents a very low absorption in the solar ultraviolet region.
Another patient who had positive patch test from phenyl salicylate, chloroacetamide, and cetrimide was using 5 different varieties of face creams.
Spectrophotometric evidence revealed the fact that the increase in [[[C.sub.12][E.sub.23]].sub.T] at R [much greater than] [R.sub.t] with a constant value of [NaOH] caused decrease in pH of micellar environment of micellized ionized phenyl salicylate [7, 9].
The regression lines of all the mixture components were of similar shapes and slopes, with the exception of bisphenol A, 2,3,4-trichlorobiphenyl, and phenyl salicylate, which produced somewhat shallower curves (Figure 1).
Offers Salol phenyl salicylate stabilizer, a colorless solid that can be added to monomers before polymerization, dissolved in a plasticizer or solvent, or used as a liquid additive above its melting point of 107 F.
The increase in [MX] (MX = [3.sup.-] and 4-FBzNa with [Bz.sup.-] = [C.sub.6][H.sub.4]C[O.sub.2.sup.-]) has caused nonlinear increase in [k.sub.obs] for piperidinolysis of anionic phenyl salicylate ([PSa.sup.-]) at a constant [[CTABr].sub.T] [much greater than] cmc where [[CTABr].sub.T] and cmc represent total concentration of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide and critical micelle concentration of CTABr, respectively [15].
The phenyl ester, phenyl salicylate, or salol, is formed with phenol; it is used in medicine as an antiseptic and antipyretic.