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what an organism looks like as a consequence of the interaction of its genotype and the environment

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The XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test Kit is a reagent kit and analysis method that allows researchers to rapidly determine the Energy Phenotype of cells, plot on an Energy Map, and easily compare metabolic phenotypes across cell types and treatment conditions.
After a thorough review of previous research evidence, panel members followed a formal consensus process to develop a set of entry level phenotype data to identify and classify patients with neuropathic pain, as well as appropriate comparison (control) groups.
We've discovered a way to map the metabolic phenotype of any cell, regardless of its energy and metabolic status, by integrating our real-time measures of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis into a single powerful test," stated David Ferrick, Ph.
However, to adequately model hospitals' longitudinal trajectories, we limited our phenotype analysis to hospitals with at least 2 years of data.
Identified IC/BPS cases with multiple allergies and sensitivities appear to be a distinct clinical phenotype compared to age-matched IC/BPS control patients.
1] phenotype was determined by starch gel electrophoresis of haemolysate (7) as previously described (3).
Defined in the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) guidelines as two or more exacerbations per year, the frequent exacerbator phenotype was explained in the ECLIPSE study (Evaluation of COPD Longitudinally to Identify Predictive Surrogate Endpoints), Dr.
The researchers also found that hypoxia - areas of low oxygen supply in the tumor - is able to induce a switch from ROR1 to ROR2 and results in an increase in levels of Wnt5A, suggesting the switch from a non-invasive ROR1-positive phenotype to an invasive ROR2-positive phenotype occurs when the tumor is exposed to hypoxic conditions.
Mucin phenotype was significantly correlated with sex, size, depth of invasion, gross type, histologic type, and lymphovascular invasion.
This BChE finding in conjunction with the low DN (<5%) suggested the patient had the S phenotype (Table 1).
All 36 isolates showing the nonclassical resistance phenotype were from Thailand or Malaysia; 47% of the isolates showing the conventional quinolone resistance phenotype were from these 2 countries.
Once students see the differences in phenotypes, they are more confident and reliable about making future phenotype designations.
For a diagnostic system based on phenotype to yield a biologically explainable system, however, three assumptions must be valid.
Phenotype microarrays were previously used to study central metabolic phenotypes of Y.
The authors cover the main topics within evo-devo, including evolution, genetics, environment, selection, and the relationship between genotype and phenotype.