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Synonyms for phenomenon

Synonyms for phenomenon

something having real, demonstrable existence

one that evokes great surprise and admiration

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a remarkable development

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Making himself very amiable to the infant phenomenon, was an inebriated elderly gentleman in the last depths of shabbiness, who played the calm and virtuous old men; and paying especial court to Mrs Crummles was another elderly gentleman, a shade more respectable, who played the irascible old men--those funny fellows who have nephews in the army and perpetually run about with thick sticks to compel them to marry heiresses.
Smike, the boys, and the phenomenon, went home by a shorter cut, and Mrs Grudden remained behind to take some cold Irish stew and a pint of porter in the box-office.
Nicholas and the infant phenomenon opposed each other at the pembroke-table, and Smike and the master Crummleses dined on the sofa bedstead.
And two pound of that was trust, pa,' said the phenomenon.
But the mind of man not only refuses to believe this explanation, but plainly says that this method of explanation is fallacious, because in it a weaker phenomenon is taken as the cause of a stronger.
Yes, during that famous night when the strange phenomenon occurred.
I was now going to learn about the astonishing phenomenon to which Rouletabille had made allusion half an hour earlier without giving me any explanation of it.
I have among the papers that were sent me by the young man, after the affair was over, a note-book of his, in which a complete account is given of the phenomenon of the disappearance of the "matter" of the assassin, and the thoughts to which it gave rise in the mind of my young friend.
I agree with you; but I repeat, Conseil, this phenomenon will never happen.
Just so," continued Barbicane; "and when it has passed the point of equal attraction, its base, being the heavier, will draw it perpendicularly to the moon; but, in order that this phenomenon should take place, we must have passed the neutral line.
Yes, the moon, on whose surface objects weigh six times less than on the earth, a phenomenon easy to prove.
Sun on Thursday illuminated the face of Ramses II sanctuary in the Abu Simple temple in south Aswan for 20 minutes in a rare phenomenon that takes place twice a year - Muhammad Fawzy/Egypt Today ASWAN - 22 February 2018: Sun on Thursday illuminated the face of Ramses II sanctuary in the Abu Simple temple in south Aswan for 20 minutes in a rare phenomenon that takes place twice a year.
Then the 'Blue Moon'refers to the occasional phenomenon of two full moons occurring in a single month of the Gregorian calendar.
Jalil al-Rubaie discussed with the municipal council of Sadr City, the phenomenon of firing shots at tribal occasions and conflicts.
The 74 papers cover the phenomenon and physics of the relevant processes, the evolution of single stars and binary systems, observational techniques and applications, groups of objects with the B[e] phenomenon: overview of major results, and posters.