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Synonyms for phenomenal

Synonyms for phenomenal

composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses

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exceedingly or unbelievably great

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Once you have your phone, laptop or any other related gadget, all you need to do is to check out the videos on Phenomenal Hub on YouTube.
Ms Lekgoa said losing her mother and subsequently her siblings in quick succession moulded her up to be a woman of substance who had been part of 'I am a phenomenal woman' for about three years.
Critique: An exceptionally well written, organized and presented life-changing read for any woman entering the competitive field of business (or politics!), "Own Your Phenomenal Self: A Guide on Character, Success, & Leadership" is a complete course of instruction that should be a core part of any personal, professional, community, corporate, college or university library Self-Help/Self-Improvement reading list or collections.
At his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, he said: "I can agree even though the investment Everton made was phenomenal.
"As a player he was phenomenal, but it doesn't mean we all have to be phenomenal.
Not every one of us has to be phenomenal like he was as a player.
If this is the case, one may think that the correct position to hold on these matters is phenomenal internalism (PI), the claim that what constitutes the phenomenology of our experiences, i.e., our phenomenal properties, must be individuated narrowly, i.e., as intrinsic properties of such experiences, for they are not constituted by worldly properties.
Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Anusha Rahman on Friday said Pakistan had become a case study for international community due to its phenomenal development in ICT sector.
ALUN WYN JONES will head into his 200th Ospreys outing at the weekend, with the Pro12 leaders hailing him as a "phenomenal man and a phenomenal rugby player" who has the qualities to once again lead the Lions.
"It is a phenomenal football club with a phenomenal history, phenomenal support and phenomenal infrastructure and a club that should be in the top six or seven clubs in the country, without a doubt.
A few weeks ago, while gathered with 1,400 of my closest legal marketing friends in Austin, I bore witness to our LMA Annual Conference attendees exhibiting some truly phenomenal behavior and telling stories of truly phenomenal things.
Phenomenal Marketing Systems--The 14 Fastest Ways to the Cash in Any Business
Farrell said: "He's incredible, phenomenal. Phenomenal strength of character, phenomenal mental strength, phenomenal drive, phenomenal spirit.
AN event which aimed to help people with learning disabilities into work has been hailed a "phenomenal success".