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terminate gradually

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Mounting evidence of PDBEs danger prompted reconsideration and starting in 2003 California, other states, and international bodies approved bans or phase outs for some of the most common PBDEs.
Jaitley had expressed a desire to phase out these tax incentives while simultaneously lowering the effective rate of corporate taxes from 30 per cent to 25 per cent over a period of four years.
Keep in mind that in 2013 this dollar limit will drop to $25,000 and will phase out on a dollar for dollar basis if total asset acquisition exceeds $200,000," Van Nortwick says.
With the same AGI phase outs as the Hope credit, the section 25A Lifetime Learning credit provides for a 20 percent nonrefundable credit computed on the first $10,000 of expenses paid per taxpayer.
The effect of either immediate repeal or a long-term phase out of the transfer tax on state revenues, Federal revenue, and income tax erosion raises concerns that should be considered and addressed.
These phase-outs should be eliminated or made uniform so benefits phase out at similar income levels and work in similar ways.
In addition to the complexity due to the interaction of the AMT with nonrefundable credits, the phase out provisions vary from credit to credit.