phase of the moon

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I soon received a plot of the numbers of offenses recorded on weekends versus the phase of the Moon.
No matter where deer live, however, they don't seem to pay any attention to the phase of the moon.
They were amazed that students in other places saw the same phase of the Moon," Moodie says.
I think it's just something that we witness occasionally with the ocean when a lot of things are in alignment: high tide, a storm surge and a particular phase of the moon, which causes the high tide.
One who worked near him used regression analysis, in the spirit of a McNamara whiz kid, to calculate that the number of North Vietnamese mortars rose in inverse proportion to the phase of the moon.
The Egyptians were aware that there were 12 new Moons to the year, so they had 12 months, but they made each month 30 days long, paying no attention to the actual phase of the Moon.
Moonlight Spa guests will receive a crystal representing the phase of the moon under which they experience their outdoor treatment.
The previously revealed dog-like Pokemon, called Rockruff, apparently has multiple evolutions that depend on a new Z Stone item, Synchro Evolution and the phase of the moon when it evolves.