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a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat

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Dento-maxillofacial deformities can cause changes in the volume of the pharyngeal airway space (PAS), as well as breathing problems if the PAS is reduced enough to result in blockage of air passage.
The neuronavigation was then used in the surgical approach to identify the optimal area and size of the pharyngeal incision.
In pre-operative evaluation tonsil size soft palate position length of uvula and tongue base hypertrophy are stressed much more than the PP and PG arches which form significant part of the lateral pharyngeal wall.
Five of those 15 patients later required a secondary pharyngeal flap for persistent VPI, yielding a 67% success rate for correction of VPI by Furlow Z-palatoplasty in this group.
Therefore, we assume that the MAO-A gene may be associated with arecoline induction in oral cells and may be implicated in the occurrence or development of oral and pharyngeal cancer.
described the development of a pharyngeal diverticulum following anterior cervical spine surgery [4].
Hence, foraging preferences in cichlids have acted as a factor promoting changes in head morphology, particularly in oral and pharyngeal jaws as well as in speciation (Fan, Elmer, & Meyer, 2012; Tsuboi, Gonzalez-Voyer, & Kolm, 2014).
Patients with gross dental abnormalities, oral habits, previous orthodontic treatment history or history of any diseases affecting the pharyngeal structures were excluded.
Retropharyngeal (RP) space is a potential space between the prevertebral fascia and the pharyngeal constrictor muscles.
(3) asserted that functional orthopedic treatment did not result in any changes in the anteroposterior dimensions of the pharyngeal airway, whereas Ozbek et al.
A new antibiotic successfully treated uncomplicated urogenital and rectal gonococcal infections, but was not as effective as ceftriaxone in treating pharyngeal infections, in a phase 2 study.
During the study period, a total of 56 patients aged 6 months to 16 years having pharyngeal diphtheria were enrolled.
Imaging was first taken with the patient at rest and then with his achieving positive pharyngeal pressure by exhaling through pursed lips, mimicking playing the trumpet.
inflammation of pharyngeal mucosal tissue leading to swallowing
Extracranically the pharyngeal tubercle could be a safe landmark for the disscetion of soft tissues to exposure the clivus (Ji et al., 2012).