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Synonyms for pharmacy

the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines

a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold

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UNTIL 10pm: Asda Pharmacy, Asda Shopping Centre, Brade Drive; Lloyds Pharmacy, 48 Kenpas Highway; Lloyds Pharmacy, 54 Jubilee Crescent.
Additionally, demonstration projects, carried out by the Pharmacy Access Partnership, are focusing on using retail merchandise space in both chain and independent pharmacies to promote family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
Independent community pharmacies have historically been a cornerstone of the pharmaceutical care distribution system for managed health care, and it's our strategy to use information technology to help them improve their performance and make them more competitive," said Tom George, executive vice president, Customer Technology and president of the McKessonHBOC Pharmacy Systems Division.
He is the model of outstanding and continuing community activity both in and out of the pharmacy profession and demonstrates through his actions that pharmacists are an important part of the overall health of every community.
Large wholesalers usually service all pharmacy markets, including retail, hospital and alternate-site pharmacies.
McGrevin, Syncor's president and CEO, explained the significance of the Purdue agreement: "Syncor and Purdue both share a commitment to promoting and improving nuclear pharmacy education in order to advance the practice of nuclear pharmacy.
CareClinic, combined with PrairieStone's Automated Pharmacy footprint, will allow a grocer to place an efficient, complete "health care offering" within a same sized space typically earmarked only for pharmacy.
Ed Mercadante, Chairman and CEO of Familymeds, said, "I am excited that Walgreens shares our vision of excellence in customer care, intends to grow our clinic and Worksite Pharmacy models and will be offering positions to our associates.
UUNNTIL 10ppm: Asda Pharmacy, Asda Shopping Centre, Brade Drive; Lloyds Pharmacy, 48 Kenpas Highway; Lloyds Pharmacy, 54 Jubilee Crescent.
Their collective 32+ years of experience will serve Armada and our manufacturing partners well, as the Company continues to evolve as a market leader within the Specialty Pharmacy arena.
Top Line Research Report Issued by the Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy
30pm: Abel Pharmacies, 471 Stoney Stanton Road; Dhaliwal Ltd, 110 Brandon Road; Farren Pharmacy, 25 Farren Road; Chaytors Pharmacy, 1 Henley Road; Ringwood Pharmacy, 200 Wigston Road; Goes JP, 475 Holyhead Road; Holbrook Pharmacy, 75-77 Wheelwright Lane; Lloyds Pharmacy, 47/49 Riley Square; Lloyds Pharmacy 19 Earlsdon Street; Medi-Care Pharmacy, 15a Chace Avenue; Moss Pharmacy, 585 Stoney Stanton Road; S K Pharmacy, 279 Harnall Lane East.
TM] (OTC: DGMS), today announced senior pharmacist Eddie Becker as the new Pharmacist-In-Charge for Harrington's Pharmacy in Ft.
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