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of or relating to pharmacology

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Total quantity or scope: Within the framework of the official monitoring of feedingstuffs, approximately 100 samples of coccidiostats, 20 samples on the declared coccidiostats and 350 samples on banned or abducted pharmacologically active substances are analyzed annually.
The increasing medicalisation of smoking cessationimpliesthatcessation needs to be pharmacologically or professionally mediated.
Registered nurses are limited to administering sedative medication at "doses rapidly reversible pharmacologically.
Meanwhile, the European Commission has noted that a new regulation on maximum residue limits of pharmacologically active substances in animal foods has come into force
The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado Denver and Ochsner Medical Center, illustrates that all five of Protandim's active ingredients contribute synergistically to the composition's activity, allowing it to work at low, pharmacologically attainable doses of each.
It should be noted that Ritalin is an amphetamine-like stimulant drug, pharmacologically similar to cocaine, commonly prescribed for the psychiatric label Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
As a therapeutically inactive prodrug, Vyvanse contains D-amphetamine bonded covalently to I-lysine and is converted to pharmacologically active D-amphetamine after oral ingestion.
The draft regulation that seeks to limit consumer exposure to pharmacologically active substances not authorised in the European Union in food of animal origin has raised an outcry in many member states.
Direct ELISA was performed using normal human sera and human colostrum, to analyse the presence of antibodies which react with pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharides isolated from plants used in traditional Japanese herbal (Kampo) medicine.
It takes time to address medications regarding their potential for creating depression, and it often becomes much easier to simply superimpose Prozac or Zoloft onto a resident with a pharmacologically induced depression, wait to see if it works and, if it doesn't, try something else.
WMEAC re search indicates that the byproduct of methoprene is pharmacologically similar to retinoic acid, which can cause teratogenic effects (fetal development problems) in vertebrates, if it can have these effects in other vertebrates, it could cause them in humans.
Drugs may indeed be "fashion-proof" as the author puts it, in the sense that they remain pharmacologically consistent, but the meanings of use must surely change over time.
Pharmacologically, acute treatment of occasional tension-type headache starts with over-the-counter analgesics, used judiciously to avoid overuse/rebound headaches.
The study results indicate that product use has changed over this period and that the availability of over-the-counter (OTC) products and the introduction of new products have increased pharmacologically assisted quit attempts.
The capsule they receive is pharmacologically inert, but hardly inert with respect to its symbolic value and its power as a conditioned stimulus.