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of or relating to pharmacology

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Lot 7 Stent restenosis in stent pharmacologically active
Carr will define and execute marketing programs to support the company's lead product candidate, Gencaro(TM) (bucindolol hydrochloride), a pharmacologically unique beta-blocker and mild vasodilator in late-stage development for heart failure.
As a therapeutically inactive prodrug, Vyvanse contains D-amphetamine bonded covalently to I-lysine and is converted to pharmacologically active D-amphetamine after oral ingestion.
Direct ELISA was performed using normal human sera and human colostrum, to analyse the presence of antibodies which react with pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharides isolated from plants used in traditional Japanese herbal (Kampo) medicine.
It takes time to address medications regarding their potential for creating depression, and it often becomes much easier to simply superimpose Prozac or Zoloft onto a resident with a pharmacologically induced depression, wait to see if it works and, if it doesn't, try something else.
Benzoate X receptors [alpha] and [beta] are pharmacologically distinct and do not function as xenobiotic receptors.
Moreover, in patients who didn't convert to sinus rhythm pharmacologically, the success rate of subsequent DC cardioversion was enhanced by amiodarone loading: 80% in amiodarone-pretreated patients, compared with 69% in placebo patients, according to Dr.
Drugs may indeed be "fashion-proof" as the author puts it, in the sense that they remain pharmacologically consistent, but the meanings of use must surely change over time.
The capsule they receive is pharmacologically inert, but hardly inert with respect to its symbolic value and its power as a conditioned stimulus.
Many of these products have pharmacologically active ingredients that, when taken in excess, can cause really serious side effects.
O'Connor added, "The data in this paper show how clinically unpredictable and yet pharmacologically deterministic the interaction of two drug target affecting polymorphisms can be, emphasizing how pharmacogenetic interactions can be complex but understood if extensively investigated and published.
The team hope that if they find that PGC-1 can be manipulated pharmacologically to prevent BACE accumulation in the brain, these studies will provide important insights for the formulation of novel treatments and possible preventative strategies in Alzheimer's disease.
CONCLUSIONS: Pharmacologically blocking protein ascorbylation with absorbable guanidino compounds is feasible and may represent a new strategy for the delay of age-related nuclear sclerosis of the lens.
A EURO 12 million European Union (EU) research project has developed genetically modified tobacco plants able to produce a pharmacologically active substance treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
Allicin is the main pharmacologically active compound of garlic, which provides the greatest reputed health benefits.