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Sasich, a pharmacist and analyst with the Washington, D.
One court has held that a pharmacist may be held strictly liable for a drug's defects.
The pharmacist contacted a local nutritionist and a homeopathic wholesaler to determine the product's contents and availability.
Rite Aid's Favorite Pharmacist contest is held every year to celebrate American Pharmacists Month.
They said that a clinical pharmacist should be appointed in every 10 bed hospital in the province.
Spalitto, which held that a pharmacist's "education and expertise will require that he or she do more to help protect their patrons from risks which pharmacists can reasonably foresee.
A decision to allow trained pharmacists to administer influenza vaccinations in Canberra has been applauded as an important community health outcome by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), Australias peak body for pharmacists.
The agreement ends a costly four-year legal battle for Maria Bizecki, a pharmacist with the Co-op chain of stores.
The group joined with The Illinois Pharmacists Association to oppose Governor Rod Blagojevich's efforts to purchase prescription drugs for Illinois employees and retirees from Canadian Internet pharmacies.
Today, Lemchen and Hart are two of the many pharmacists nationwide who have set aside traditional roles and moved into unfamiliar territory--politicking to help curb reimbursement cuts for pharmacy services that impact not only pharmacies, but all providers and patients in long-term care.
For example, there's the "tech ratio": For every pharmacist, there can be no more than two technician assistants.
CPhA to Host Pharmacist Led Community Health Fair at State Capitol
LAHORE -- Only one pharmacist is available for over 1,200 beds in most hospitals while the World Health Organisation's set standard is one pharmacist for 50 beds in the world.
Whether it's to inquire about medication or potential side effects or discussing other ailments and complications, many patients view their pharmacist as a critical member of their health care team.
Talking to reporter, Chairman Patients Rights Forum and Pharmacists Lawyers Forum renowned pharmacist Dr.