phantom limb pain

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pain felt by an amputee that seems to be located in the missing limb

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Among the pain patients, the Pain Group includes 52 cases related to postherpetic neuralgia, 16 cases related to neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury, ten cases related to trigeminal neuralgia, eight cases related to femoral head necrosis, six cases related to perineal pain, five cases related to lumbar disc herniation, four cases related to tumor, four cases related to complex regional pain syndrome, two cases related to phantom limb pain, and three cases related to other causes of pain.
in their randomised controlled trial study stated that both prospective exercises and dynamic and isometric exercises in prosthetic rehabilitation can be used safely to alleviate phantom limb pain in upper limb amputees.
The study indicates that interventional radiologists applying cryoablation therapy, a minimally invasive targeted treatment using cold blasts, show promise in improving the quality of life for patients suffering phantom limb pain.
The initial decision required in addressing pain complaints is to differentiate phantom limb pain (PLP) from residual limb pain (RLP)1.
Predictors of long term phantom limb pain and post-thoracotomy pain.
Phantom limb pain is a well-documented phenomenon occurring in roughly 50-80% of patients following an amputation.
With the advances in magnetic resonance imaging and safer technology, hundreds of people have had electrical brain stimulation for the treatment of severe pain not controlled by medication, and a number for the relief of severe depression, phantom limb pain, cluster headache, Tourette's syndrome, and obsessive compulsive disorders.
Scientists in Sweden have developed an effective treatment for phantom limb pain (PLP), a medical disorder that makes a person feel pain in the amputated limb area.
The effect of opioids on phantom limb pain and cortical reorganization.
com)-- This December, Vancouverite Stephen Sumner will embark on a one-man mission through Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka to educate and treat local amputees suffering from Phantom Limb Pain with Mirror Therapy.
It was introduced by Ramachandran in 1992, for use with phantom limb pain and has since been adapted to aid in the management of numerous conditions, including stroke and pain after wrist fracture and hand surgery (Ramachandran and Alschuler 2009).
Phantom limb pain is a good example of neuropathic pain.
The most common tmanifestations were central post-stroke pain and phantom limb pain.
Motor control over the phantom limb in above-elbow amputees and its relationship with phantom limb pain.
Or why some amputees have phantom limb pain and others don't, says Waxman.