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Synonyms for phantasy

something many people believe that is false

fiction with a large amount of imagination in it


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1) For an attempt at an overview of the diversity of the clinical concept of projective identification, see my Dictionary of Kleinian Thought (Hinshelwood 1989, 1991); and I attempted a brief account of the clinical origins of the phantasy in my Clinical Klein (Hinshelwood 1994).
Phantasy is spontaneous, instinctive, actuated by desire and without intelligent choice.
In psychoanalysis, omniscience comes from a phantasy of omnipotence, the idea that the triumphant baby has absolute power over the external world because he or she isn't yet fully differentiated from it.
Daniel Burston, Laing was quite pessimistic about family therapy and felt individuals suffering from psychosis must be removed from the home in order to unravel the 'knots' the family's social phantasy system had likely created (Dr.
When we consider this theme of colonial adventure and combine it with the trope of being part of a senior citizen's tour group, we can read the dream as a distorted expression of a phantasy of being the masterful explorer, the heroic man who moves freely through the dark and dangerous places of the city (Hunt, 1989: 30-31; cf.
Coffee and scones will sharpen the appetite for a programme featuring Robin Milford's Phantasy Quintet, William Hurlstone's Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano and Vaughan Williams' Piano Concerto in C minor.
His rapacious agent urges him to write fantasy or, better, phantasy 'with a pee aitch' and gives him a winning 'formula' which reads as a hilarious resume of Lord of the Rings
Lippit then discusses the found-footage or recycled genre of experimental cinema, which similarly emphasizes a reflexive positioning, thus enunciating a politics of revision and moving closer to the territory of phantasy.
The ceremony will be hosted by Evil B, Bryan Gee and DJ Phantasy, with Fabio and Grooverider (above) headlining.
Scored for a conventional orchestra with double woodwind and modest percussion, the pieces formed part of a portfolio--which also included a Phantasy in F minor for string quintet--he submitted by way of application for the prestigious Mendelssohn Scholarship.
Guest artist and oboe virtuoso Demetrios Karamintzas (former principal oboist of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra) will be featured in Benjamin Britten's evocative Phantasy Quartet for oboe and strings and Charle M.
The times where companies could be sold with high multiples due to the China growth phantasy are definitely over", says Alexander von Preysing, Deputy Head of Issuer & Primary Market Relations at Deutsche BE[micro]rse.
During the 23rd lecture, delivered in 1917, he engaged in a discussion on the conflict between the realm of phantasy and the reality-principle.
Last but not least, I call on all the readers and contributors of "Oil Shale" to exercise their imagination more freely, as "the present phantasy can become a future technics" as expressed by a Member of the Soviet Academy Alexander Fersman (1883-1945).
To rebut Katie's characterization of Zionism as a phantasy Bloom invokes a horticulture interest in 1911.