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plant that reproduces by means of seeds not spores

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Marine phanerogams originated as land plants and then adapted to marine life and have had great success on ocean bottoms with sediments and also near the surface, where they have competed successfully with algae for space, because their roots fix them to the substrate and extract nutrients from it.
Although this may be a plausible mechanism in the vicinity of river mouths where the fast-growing phanerogams such as Potamogeton spp.
A wide inventory conducted by Pott and Pott (2000) found about 250 species of aquatic macrophytes in the Pantanal floodable areas, distributed among the phanerogams and cryptogams.
Primitive Land Plants Lycopsida Sphenopsida Pteropsida Examples Selaginella Equisetum Phanerogams Lycopodium Ferns Lepidophyta Transitional Protolepido- Hyeniales Protopteridales Groups dendrales
The first part of Volume One also covers several taxa of Phanerogams and one of Bryophytes.
Phanerogams are completely absent, though they may grow sporadically in soils with characteristics similar to those of takyrs.
The species preferred sandy and silty sediments associated with charophytes, phanerogams (Myriophyllum spicatum L.
A list of Pantanal plants, as a result of a 10 year period of field work, offering information on identification, distribution and use reached 1,863 Phanerogams species (Pott and Pott, 1994).
The spores of cryptogams and the pollen of phanerogams form a special case among fossilized remains.
Bioaccumulation of Hg, Cd, Pb, and Zn in four marine phanerogams and the alga Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskal) Lamouroux from the east coast of Spain.
At first reduced to the chance collection of fruits and other edible elements, just like any other secondary producers (phytophagous or vegetarian animals), humans learned how to make use of the reproductive mechanisms of phanerogams.