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A group of women cradle wooden phalli about 60 centimetres in length.
One Nijinsky becomes two, Aunt Winnifred morphs into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Eric pulls on fishnet stockings and a fedora and a tux jacket to become Judy singing "Get Happy," the shrink sings a number about Prozac to the tune of "The Trolley Song," and Judy joins Martha for a dance with three Nijinskys wearing black trunks and silver lame phalli.
to gizmos like the "Jelly Jewel 8-inch Tool" or Jelly Jewel 10-inch Tool," a pair of of ready-to-use phalli in luminous green, red and blue.
in this connection the winged phalli of the ancients) (Freud 1965, 394), to which I respond: What about the even more remarkable phenomenon of birth?
2014-Call-2 Substation augmentation works existing In various substations @ 66/11kV Moregere and Replacement of PTR at U PHalli of H.