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a Spanish member of General Franco's political party


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The Kahan commission -- in the absence of a Lebanese investigation -- found that the Phalange unit that entered the camp was an intelligence unit headed by Elie Hobeika.
FPM representatives denied the scheme with deputy Abbas Hashim putting the onus on the LF and Phalange.
La phalange Okba Ibn Naf a conclu en menacant de porter d'autres coups ' aux forces de securite et de l'armee et d'elargir le champ de ses operations pour englober les civils hostiles a l 'application de la charia '.
Here the presence and voice of Milena, daughter of a much-loved singer torn to pieces by dog-men many years before, is sufficient to quell the Phalange troops who dare not attack her for fear of reprisals.
According to the daily, the Phalange Party is currently witnessing disagreements between MP Sami Gemayel who is the son of Amin Gemayel and his cousin, MP Nadim Gemayel, whose father, Bashir Gemayel, was assassinated in 1982 shortly after he had been elected president of Lebanon.
Not one Lebanese could possibly believe that a Phalange official - whose party worked with Israeli forces in the summer of 1982 to orchestrate and carry out the killing of thousands of defenseless Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps - could truly be concerned about the Palestinian sense of belonging, identity and right of return.
A group of Christian parties, including the Phalange party and Lebanese Forces, opposed the measure, warning that it was a first step towards naturalising Lebanon's refugee population.
Set in a society overruled by a group called the Phalange the storys realism frays only at the edges; the appearance of human-animal hybrids (dog-men and horse-men) is easily subsumed into the bleakness of the tale itself and does not distract from the emotional turmoil at the books core.
The town of Zahle observed an official day of mourning amid tension yesterday, with political leaders trading blame after two activists were shot dead at the opening of a Phalange headquarters.
Antoine Ghanem of the Christian Phalange Party was the second government MP killed in a bomb attack in the capital this year.
The Phalange Party campaign machinery worked through the previous night.
When the goose fell dead at the bus stop, it was not quite dead (the hunter having taken a high shot, because the goose would not decoy, the spreading wad of bismuth pellets shattering only the left phalange, barely piercing the breast), so when a plucky girl broke the wavering boys' semi-circle, reaching to hoist the bird in her arms, its black head shot out hissing, its good wing flailed Icarus-like (though the children knew nothing of him yet), fanning gutter trash until the chocolate Lab arrived (stretching with each purposed stride his neoprene camo vest, cock bouncing, toenails clicking ridiculously on the cul-de-sac sidewalk) to clamp his jaws--after a brief scurry, stutter-flight--around the pillowed shoulders of the goose that was still not quite dead.
His grandfather was the founder of the Christian Phalange Party, of which his father Amir was formerly president.
If you can wrap your fuzzy patch at least halfway around your little phalange, then you've tested positive for the Twirly Test, and you need to do some manscaping.
Within a few days, multiple small, well-circumscribed areas of skin necrosis around the fingerprick sites quickly progressed to full necrosis of the distal phalange, despite treatment with iloprost infusions, the investigators said (Lancet 2004;364:980).