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in a petulant manner

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I don't speak your language," she retorted petulantly.
"I want no such compliments," Hook barked petulantly. "I want Peter Pan, who first gave the brute its taste for me."
"But why, monsieur?" exclaimed the other petulantly. "Permit me to pass, monsieur."
"I haven't got used to it yet," she said, petulantly, kicking at her train, as she turned to toddle back again.
The fire was now low, the flames burning bluely and petulantly, with occasional flashes, projecting spectral shadows on the walls--shadows that moved mysteriously about, now dividing, now uniting.
'"Pooh!" said the apparition, petulantly, "no better than a man's killing himself because he has none or little."
He's very deaf indeed,' cried the sexton petulantly; 'are you sure you're right about the figures?'
I wish I'd let my hair alone," cried Meg petulantly.
That stalemate finally looks like breaking, even if it involves both sides petulantly knocking all the pieces off the table.
u1/4 and invest in Central America to fix the problems fuelling the outflow, not petulantly cut off aid as Trump has done.
After conceding 27 in two overs, the barrage took its toll on Ngidi, who fielded a Tamim shot and petulantly threw at the stumps, forcing the Bangladesh opener to fend it away in self-preservation.
The English ace petulantly slammed his putter into the final green at Hillside after missing a birdie putt to force a play-off five days ago.
PTI does not need to create an atmosphere where compromises must be made, but its continuous assault from expressing shock at a Lahore High Court verdict which gave Shahbaz Sharif bail and ordering an appeal, to now petulantly blocking the opposition from meeting the Saudi delegation is to blame for this political chasm that exists in the parliament.
For now, it appears that India and Pakistan have stuck to their respective lines: India petulantly and counter-factually blaming Pakistan for the absence of dialogue, Pakistan calling for dialogue while emphasising that such a call should not be interpreted by India as a sign of weakness.
The 2011 winner (right) whitewashed Australian tour rookie Matthew Bolton 6-0 in York in his first match since petulantly smashing the reds with his cue and conceding a match early at last week's Northern Ireland Open.