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Synonyms for petty

Synonyms for petty

Synonyms for petty

larceny of property having a value less than some amount (the amount varies by locale)

inferior in rank or status

contemptibly narrow in outlook


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Ashcroft even pettily ended the practice of paying Carnahan a pro-rated higher salary on days Ashcroft was absent.
And even though he made more money than 98 percent of the taxpayers who labored to pay his salary, he pettily schemed to take more of their cash.
In the end such analysis seems itself spiteful, pettily judgmental-and counter productive.
Speaking on the club's official website, Murray complained somewhat pettily about what he sees as a pro-Celtic bias in the media.
Typically, agency staff position themselves as 'disadvantaged', 'unfairly treated', 'exploited', 'unrecognized' reflected from their constructions of bank staff positions as 'institutionally privileged', 'pettily powerful' and 'willing and undeserving recipients of agency staff benefits'.
Like Carlile, Carpenter was ideally in favour of durable relationships and against promiscuity, but he gently urged a greater openness, suggesting that human relationships should be `less pettily exclusive'.
All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing - and for Doha to continue to act pettily and petulantly.
Pettily pursuing them for trying to raise funds in charity shops and "selling merchandise" whilst it allows greedy foreign investors to avoid paying tax does it no credit whatsoever.
This 'strictly by the book' approach adopted by the BHA and its officials, from Paul Roy down to the stipes, stewards and starters, is all very well when the rules are good rules, but I am afraid a lot of ours are poorly drawn up or pettily applied, and if they are not prepared to use any discretion when applying them, it actually means our governing body is not giving racing a fair deal.
I have always believed that where politicians share common goals, it is better for society that they work together than remain pettily divided.
No Nouns Futuristically, futuristically, futuristically, Creeping in pettily, pacing daily, All our temporal somethings have lighted foolish ones To journey to dusty, death-like nothing.
It leads us to act childishly, stupidly, pettily, even vengefully.
And, breaking all Parliamentary rules, he left his desk and to loud applause, did what Dewar had so pettily failed to do.
If the Government and the Arts Council are too pettily provincial to see that, they must be made to learn of its importance.
Moyes is still riled by the 'small club' jibe pettily aimed at Goodison by Benitez.