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a quarrel about petty points

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None of the characters redeem themselves, each playing an assigned role, indulging in pettifoggery of the worst kind.
As money ran out, the Castellis were cornered, repeatedly turned back at every port and border by a Fascist bureaucracy and extortionary pettifoggery in which the French were disgracefully complicit.
A more plausible explanation for why Congress ordered the review is that lawmakers became frustrated by the pettifoggery witnessed among the military services in recent years.
26) The group had no formal constitution, and its membership appeared to vary according to the occasion and circumstance: this informality was surely a welcome respite from the pettifoggery of official city academies such as the Accademia della Crusca and the Accademia Fiorentina, both of which already counted Michelangelo the Younger an active member.
5) Another problem with defining information as equivalent to physical order is that it entails the same kind of semantic pettifoggery that is associated with the concept of negative entropy.
It does not surprise me that John Yoo, an architect of the most authoritarian administration in recent history, does not understand democracy ("The Pettifoggery of War," Fall 2006).
If by now you've begun to entertain the notion that this isn't some some Lilliputian pettifoggery over which end of a hard-boiled egg to crack open, well, bravo
The man accuses Don Quijote of having "puesto mano violenta en cosa sagrada," to which Don Quijote replies with a bit of pettifoggery that reveals his familiarity with the law, "no puse las manos sino este lanzon" (206).
But a few minutes' reflection tells us that this pettifoggery is transparently false.