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the branch of geology that studies rocks: their origin and formation and mineral composition and classification

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Sarafian knew that both the experimental petrology and the magnetotelluric results had to be correct.
Petrology was launched in 2015 as a JV in Bahrain between Almajdouie Logistics, De Rijke and Sumitomo Warehouse.
This available data make it an ideal location to extend palaeo-climate studies to other scientific fields such as light mineral petrology.
Titanian chondrodite-and titanian clinohumite-bearing metadunite from the 3800 Ma Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: chemistry, petrology, and origin.
Prof Bauer is a geologist with research interest in structural geology, mineral and whole rock geochemistry and petrology of Precambrian complexes in Antarctica, South East Africa and Russia.
Study of petrology and provenance of sandstone therefore provides insight into the source types, tectonic setting, and climatic regime during the time of sedimentation of the Siwalik Group sandstones.
He had received the prestigious prize of Islamic Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) for his sustained contributions in mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, tectonics and seismology of the northwest Himalaya (Kuala Lumpur, October 18, 2010).
1) PhD student in petrology, Islamic Azad University, Northern Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran
Archaeological Society's last lecture of the current season is tomorrow, when Dr Madeleine Gray, reader in history, University of South Wales, talks on Medieval Tomb Slabs in South-East Wales - Their Iconography and Petrology.
Writing for graduate and undergraduate students of geology, mining, and civil engineering, Haldar and Tisljar explain the general mineralogy, petrology, minerals, and rocks that undergo development during the exploitation of deposits for minerals, oil and gas, and geothermal energy.
Petrology carried out by CRAE determined that the tin is present as free fine cassiterite, usually 0.
It was the best short course I have experienced so far," said Professor Jens Ggutzmer of the Economic Geology and Petrology Research Group of the Bergakademie.
A Geochemical Classification for Feldspathic Igneous Rocks, Journal of Petrology 49(11), 1955-1969.