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a carving or line drawing on rock (especially one made by prehistoric people)

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OOO Petroglyph presented the natural mineral water Petroglyph.
How many Koreans know the reservoir constructed for the city water supply put the petroglyphs under water where they could be damaged?
He helped discover the petroglyph in 1992, on a free-standing rock that is now called Piedra del Sol, and better understand it.
5000 petroglyphs are in the main canyon, but there are a number in the many side canyons.
Caption: Clockwise from far left: Brantley Baird; Chevelon Creek Bridge; Rock Art Ranch petroglyphs.
Ziolkowski MC (2007) "Rock on art: petroglyph sites in the United Arab Emirates" Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 18: 208-38.
Although there are no people, animals or handprint symbols depicted, the petroglyph designs include a series of vertical, chain-like symbols and a number of smaller pits deeply incised with a type of hard rock scraper.
By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor A leading tour operator is claiming that the petroglyphs (rock engravings) in Qatar's Jabal Jassasiyah date back to 4000BC despite scientific evidence they are not older than 235 years.
About Petroglyph: Petroglyph is an independent game development studio in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.
Douglas Beauchamp long has been fascinated with petroglyphs - those sometimes ancient, always inscrutable images worked into rock faces here in Oregon and around the world.
JOSEPH VARGHESE DOHA THE petroglyph site in Jabal Jassasiyah in Qatar is not as old as previously thought, according to a recent study published in 'QScience Connect'.
Not only did he get off the speeding charge that required him to spend his afternoon in a court room in Birmingham, but the Irishman also made a dream start to his training career when Petroglyph got just as good a result at Wetherby, coming home a two-length winner.
Both big and small, the Petroglyph Canyons are sandy washes that run for almost three miles and contain as many as 50,000 images.
Many of these studies share the objective of finding similarities between petroglyph designs and better understood ceramic chronologies in an effort to date particular rock art styles (i.
Petroglyph is not the most compliant of fellows, but should still raise his game at Fakenham in the Northern Norfolk Simply Outstanding Handicap Hurdle.