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paralyzing with terror

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The LIFE Springday project aims to prevent the degradation of petrifying spring habitats and to achieve or maintain their favourable conservation status.
Resembling a Gen-X Fashion Hex in this Carrie-meets-Baby Jane Prom Queen Scream, tiara-topped, satin-stuffed Love takes a petrifying wardrobe plunge.
This Halloween-themed promotion will award one lucky contestant the grand prize: Party City's X-Scream Team will arrive on the scene and transform the exterior of the winner's home into a House of Horror with a huge selection of petrifying Halloween products (value $1000).
A dad who was forced to deliver his second daughter on the living room floor says it was the most petrifying experience of his life.
To add to the frightfest, AMC has added its own original programming to the lineup, including the world premiere of Roger Corman's "The Phantom Eye," an amazing serialized monster movie in 35 petrifying parts, and "Attack of the 50 Ft.