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the process of turning some plant material into stone by infiltration with water carrying mineral particles without changing the original shape

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Only at the conclusion does Calvino reintroduce Pitre's narrative, for in both versions the hero returns to his grandfather's kingdom where the king, dismayed to see his grandson alive, shares the dragon's fate of petrification.
Petrification, presented by theatre company Telltale in association with LittleMighty, premieres at Live Theatre before heading off on an extensive UK tour.
These less-traditional performance spaces will host three works on the theme of a night out - With a Little Bit of Luck, drama set to an old school Garage soundtrack; Get A Round, a play set at the end of an evening out; and Petrification, contemporary theatre about a boozy night out (and a world premiere).
6) The analogy to Lewis's life is the relatively short time between his conversion to Theism (Surprised 214-15) and his return to Christian belief (Surprised 221-23), although he does not separate the stages with a period of petrification.
She contends that Murdoch does not objectify female characters, but instead draws attention to their active passivity and resistance to petrification.
In contrast to Estorvo and Budapeste, novels teeming with wanderlust, Benjamim is a sedentary, sedimentary, thirty-year petrification of mourning, culminating in a character who identifies more with the enormous rock formation facing his apartment than anyone or anything else (Barros 5455).
Socialism, not to mention the mental petrification of Stalinism, comes
The "strain" of his fragmentary poem also asks us to imagine a poetic mode of perception that might extricate us from such forms of petrification and, in so doing, recover the Medusa's original beauty, which is also the true power of "poetry" in the Shelleyan, non-generic sense of the word.
Toujours a l'affut de leur du, les Sosu menacent regulierement l'humanite kasua--et non plus un seul individu--de petrification ou d'inondations meurtrieres, incitant les Kasua a exceller dans les techniques de camouflage (13) pour effacer les traces de leur existence.
Composed in the midst of the battle between Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces for Monte San Michele, a stronghold of the Austrian defense that was seized eventually by the Italians (the day after the composition of "Sono una creatura," in fact), the poem likens the frustrated cry of its speaker to a taciturn stone, suggesting a process of petrification in which the human voice is figuratively "turned to stone.
Without continued reading and interpretation texts are subject to deaths of irrelevancy and/or petrification .
About half of the long saltings of the head of Petrification Bay was inspected in late 2012 but it has no habitat suitable for the Arrowgrass.
But reforestation unshackled from petrification would be an additional feather in the cap.
Fossilization process, here, is a type of petrification, responded Sid.