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the process of turning some plant material into stone by infiltration with water carrying mineral particles without changing the original shape

a rock created by petrifaction

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It was only after I began studying psychoanalysis that I was able to break free of the intellectual petrifaction created by oscillating like a shuttlecock between two rather fruitless questions and to formulate a new question along the lines of Ralph Waldo Emerson's (2003) liberating one: "Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe?
Petrifaction legends told in Turkey are one of the most interesting subjects that draw our attention.
This is the effect of language on itself, Bernhard suggests, necessarily matching generation with petrifaction.
Bioconservatives are rather for a petrifaction of the actual social and technological divisions between the developed and developing countries.
But of course, with Stevens, an "absence in reality" can amount to an intense imaginative presence, and his de-solidification of architectural petrifaction or aversion from any systematic manner are characteristic manoeuvres.
He creates a poetics that transfigures earthly petrifaction into the wisdom of crystal as knowledge of the divine cosmos.
The appearance of the settler has meant in the terms of syncretism the death of the aboriginal society, cultural lethargy, and the petrifaction of individuals.
Out of fear of petrifaction, she has continuously resisted the identity that comes to life in the written poem.
16) Durling and Martinez remark that petrifaction is an allusion to tumescence and point to the connection between the lady's hair and the Medusa (102, 196).
Images of petrifaction and the transformation of organic material into an inorganic state are ubiquitous.
57) Thus while it is accurate that Hegel's science rejects Strauss's biblical and classical morality, it does so only because these inherited value structures undergo petrifaction and must be rethought, revived, and relived by embodied reason.
After Ferrer acquires the treasure, the threat of narrative petrifaction is obviated when the artifacts--sculpted mammoth tusks like scrimshaw, ice goggles carved from reindeer antlers, quartz dolls, talismanic shark's teeth--are stolen by a colleague, who sets off on his own automotive journey through the Pyrenees and into Spain in flight from the police.
The petrifaction process occurs underground, when wood becomes buried under sediment and is initially preserved due to an environment free or lack of oxygen which inhibits aerobic decomposition (anaerobic environment).
The tangle of lines, the crevices in the rocks represented the accidents of his own substance and brought him nearer to that petrifaction he had hoped would put an end to his physiological and metaphysical anguish; at last he might become the equivalent of a natural phenomenon" (155).
Wistrich does not merely summarize his biography of Trotsky (1982) but refines its analysis and conclusions; he calls Trotsky's life a "tragedy," by which I think he means that Trotsky in some measure escaped the trammels of the Marxian petrifaction of "the Jewish Question" happening since its publication in 1844, but that it came too late to make any difference in the fate of the Jews.