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Getting critical capabilities of the RokDoc software platform, formulated by Ikon Science, into the Petrel platform would allow geoscientists to derive raised geologic understanding from seismic data.
Impact of miniature geolocation loggers on a small petrel, the Thin-billed Prion Pachyptila belcheri.
Petrel, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Petrel Resources (TCI) Limited, has agreed to acquire a 20 per cent shareholding in Amira from Amira Petroleum N.
Petrel Resources is a diversified oil and gas exploration and production company, with interests in Ghana, Ireland and Iraq.
Irish independent Petrel Resources in August 2005 won the $197m EPC contract for the Subba-Luhais fields development project.
Schlumberger Oman has donated the computer software packages Petrel E&P software platform and PetroMod petroleum systems modelling software to be used in the laboratory "Education is a long-term investment.
Rare birds; the extraordinary tale of the Bermuda petrel and the man who brought it back from extinction.
Shares in Petrel Resources - the company which made the find - almost tripled in price after the discovery was revealed.
Finally, Se concentrations in two plant species from the Westland petrel site were compared with literature values to see if plants growing in seabird colony soil have toxic levels of Se in their foliage.
A group of scientists, including researchers from Lund University, have now shown that the nose of the blue petrel is even capable of smelling which mate will produce young with the best immune systems.
The wind has certainly stirred things up in the Atlantic - places such as Cornwall are already seeing early records of birds such as Wilson's Petrel and Great Shearwaters.
Perceptive Pixel's PetroTouch plug-in for Schlumberger's Petrel, the industry-leading seismic interpretation software, is offered to Petrel users worldwide via Schlumberger's Ocean store, and provides the geoscientific community with greater ease-of-use and improved productivity as they search for new oil & gas reserves.
3 Well, it's actually a gull, or maybe a petrel, but racer Ian Hutchinson was probably going too fast to notice
The project will produce 2 MMt/a of LNG, using natural gas from the Petrel, Tern and Frigate fields.