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Synonyms for petiteness

the property of being very small in size

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Root states that, ironically, while Asian American women's petiteness and shortness are seen as "physically attractive," these bodily features equate them with "diminished power and childlikeness" (Root 1998, 219).
Of course for Posh, being slim and willowy, it emphasises her petiteness and her long neck.
Youth, grace, petiteness, sweetness, friendliness, understanding, enthusiasm and pure fun are the norm.
Are these "delusions of petiteness," to coin a phrase?
He adored them as only a big, generous man can adore the petiteness, the helplessness of women, and he was fiercely protective of them.
Nor was there space to discuss what happened after the University of Connecticut's athletics department was accused of wrongfully insisting on petiteness in its cheerleading squad, thus violating the rights of plumper pom-pom wavers.