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a jury of 12 to determine the facts and decide the issue in civil or criminal proceedings

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(28.) The term "petit jury" refers to a trial jury that is chosen to decide whether a defendant committed the crime as charged in a criminal case.
Once they were indicted, we were assuming that people were then going to have a trial with a petit jury and a defense lawyer in their corner.
Shippen of Pennsylvania, the concurrence of grand and petit jury
Beyond the jury venire, courts have also addressed discriminatory practices of striking individual jurors from the petit jury based on race and gender.
The objective of the state's actions must be to seek to provide the platform necessary to select an impartial petit jury and to maintain public confidence in the criminal justice system by providing groups that bring distinctive perspectives to the jury process with their fair opportunity to be included in the jury roll.
A petit jury, depending upon the type of trial, consists of either 6 or 12 members.
Together, the prosecutor and gang expert will develop the questions necessary to illicit crucial testimony and evidence before the grand jury, and likewise, necessary evidence and testimony before the petit jury to obtain a conviction.
An indictment during this time was tantamount to conviction, as petit jury trials were not in existence (100) and defendants instead faced trial by ordeal, which might require the defendant to stick her hand in boiling water and sustain no injury, or avoid drowning without swimming when placed in a lake, in order to prove innocence.
400 (1942), where Jackson fluently developed (and circulated to his brethren) the theme that, contrary to well-established precedent, a state-court conviction based on an indictment by a grand jury from which Negroes had been systematically excluded was not unconstitutionally invalid if the conviction was by a petit jury from which no such exclusion had occurred.
The justices of the peace at quarter sessions made any necessary corrections, then the sheriff copied the names into a jurors' book, and selected petit jury panels consisting of between thirty-six and sixty names.
Over time, this body evolved into the grand jury, which had the power to investigate and charge, and the petit jury, which found facts, awarded possession of land, and determined criminal guilt or innocence.
The number of peremptory challenges available to each side is usually limited by statute.(34) The purpose of voir dire is to eliminate case-specific biases.(35) The individuals who survive voir dire constitute the so-called "petit jury," i.e., the jury that enters the jury box to hear the case.(36)
The "petit jury" is the jury for the trial of a civil or criminal action.