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Synonyms for petiole

the slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf


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Petiolus teres (4.5-)5-7(-8) mm longus, folii lamina ovato-elliptica ad elliptica 4.5-8.7(-10) cm longa, 2.1-4.9 cm lata, margine undulato et revoluto.
Opisthosoma: with black pattern near base of petiolus, shaped like an inverted V.
Folia alterna, 7-digitato-foliolata; petiolus teretis 32-35 cm longus, 0.7 cm crassus, glabrus.
1K); ID = insemination duct; l = length; LOP = lorum pediculi - the lorum is a longitudinal sclerite covering the dorsal side of the petiolus - it may be single or composed of two consecutive or juxtaposed sclerites separated by a membrane (Simon 1892:4, figs.
Folia oppositae discolora petiolata, petiolus 1.8-2.7 mm longis puberulis adaxiale canaliculatus, abaxiale rotundatus, ad basim incrassatus; laminae late-ovatae, 7.0-9.5 cm longae x 5.58.0 cm latae, base truncatae vel leviter cordatae, margine serratae, apice acutae mucronatae vel leviter rostratae, supra glabrae fere ad marginem ed nervis primariis minute puberulis, subtus fulviores obscure glandulo-punctatae in nervis dense sordidae puberulae; in firme trinervatae sed 2 nervis proximalibus ascendentibus, nervis secundariis pinnatis patentibus.