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the stalk of a leaflet

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Some compound leaves have numerous leaflets, attached to a central rachis by petiolules.
Petiole or rachis Petiole marginal, Petiolule normal
Length and width of the central leaflet, petiolule length, and the number of teeth on the margin of the central leaflet were recorded on each of the 20 leaves (n = 20) from each population.
In addition, petiolule length and the number of teeth on the central leaflet margin had lower values in contaminated habitat.
distinct petiolule, elliptic, grooved between the veins on the adaxial
presence of a gland-like collar at the juncture of the petiolule and the
5 m and never mentioned petiolules or gland-like collars because
the veins of the upper surface and the obvious petiolules.
5 cm, petiolules 1-4 cm, both glabrous; leaflets 7-10 x 2.
Leaves 2-foliolate, petioles 2-4 cm, petiolules 1-2 cm, tector trichomes sparse; leaflets 5-12 x 3-5.
Leaves digitate, (3)5-foliolate, petioles 3-10 cm, petiolules 1-5 cm, glabrous or lepidote; leaflets 10-18 x 3-4 cm, concolorous, coriaceus, lanceolate or eliptic, apex cuneate or rounded, margins entire, base truncate or cuneate, occasionally cordate, venation penninerved, adaxial and abaxial surfaces lepidote.
Leaf dry weight included leaf blades and petioles for green buttonwood plants and leaflets, petiolules, and petioles for Swingle citrumelo plants.