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the slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf


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Potato petiole nitrate at early bulking was used to evaluate in-season nitrogen availability.
For phytomass production, water salinity had significant effect (p < 0.01) on petiole dry phytomass (PDP) and leaf dry phytomass (LDP), and there were no differences among the levels of manure or even effect of the interaction between factors on any of the variables (Table 3).
The present study observed the initial germination, as evidenced by cotyledon petiole protrusion in T1 and T2, on the 18th day (432 hours), and in T3 and T4 on the 12th after the beginning the test (288 hours), characterizing phase III of imbibition.
In the plants beginning the bunch emission, in the first, second and third cycle of the banana tree, the 3rd and 7th leaves were collected from the apex, from where 10 cm from the center of the limbs were removed, eliminating the midrib, 10 cm from the petiole and 10 cm from the midrib.
The exceptions occurred in the absorption roots (for P) and stem + petiole (for K) that presented similar values between the two saline treatments.
Petiole 1.4-2 cm long, glabrous; lamina elliptic to ovate, (3.5-) 9.5-14 x (2.8-) 4-6 cm, base obtuse, round to slightly cordate, asymmetric, apex acute to shortly acuminate, margin finely serrulate, with 30-40 evenly distributed callose teeth on each side, glabrous on both surfaces, secondary veins 10-14 pairs, higher order venation conspicuously reticulate, submarginal vein present but discontinuous.
The analyzed data showed positive genotypic correlation with reference to the number of leaflets-NLL (0.1278), petiole width-PW (0.1091), petiole depth-PD (0.0867), rachis length-RL (0.2012), leaflet length-LLL (0.0253), leaflet width-LLW (0.0596), leaf area-LA (0.0845), leaf dry weight-LDW (0.1467), total leaf dry weight-TLDW (0.2766), specific leaf weight-SLW (0.0548) and vegetative dry matter-VDM (0.1107) (Table.2; Fig.1).
For plants grown without salt stress (control plants), the highest sodium ([Na.sup.+]) concentration was observed in the absorption roots (AR) and the lowest in the stem + petiole (Figure 1).
PETIOLE A Three-stringed guitar B Leaf stalk C Heavy great coat who am I?
Direct shoot regeneration was established from leaf, petiole and nodal explants from in vitro and field grown plants of Solanum nigrum on Murashige and Skoog (MS), and Gamborg's (B5) media containing different levels of plant growth regulator, Thidiazuron (TDZ).
The accessions were also highly variable in terms of stipule color and petiole color.
The leaf and petiole were reported to contain protein, [beta]-carotene, fat, and fiber [8].