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the slender stem that supports the blade of a leaf


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Leaves blades coriaceous, petiolar portion 10-20 cm long; bracteoles rigid, 3-7-nerved, short-acuminate ...
Leaves with a petiole, 0.3-1.5(3.5) cm long, vaginate to 1/2 of the length, petiolar margins reduced, membranaceous and translucid, extending through ca.
Petiole height (PH), in lateral view, the maximum length from the lower point of the sternopetiolar process, excluding the petiolar teeth, to the highest point at the apex of the petiolar node.
The reduction of the cataphylls of the short shoots of Berberis and Mahonia are concordant to Foster's (1928) observations in a number of other plants such as Acer (Aceraceae)and Aesculus (Sapindaceae), in which the cataphylls appear to represent a modified development of the leaf base, whereas the petiolar portion is more labile.
Direct shoot regeneration from nodal, internodal and petiolar segments of Piper longum L.
Petiolar., 2002 "Felt-sheath of palm: a new biosorbent for the removal of heavy metals from contaminated water", Bio Resource Technology, 81(2):153-155
Petiolar nitrogen measurements at bloom can be used to evaluate where deficiencies require fertilization, often in "hot spots" rather than throughout the field.
Plants with darker petiole color required mature leaf profile and width of the petiolar sinus to be factored in to successfully discriminate the susceptible ones from the resistant plants.
Basal leaves soon withered, oblanceolate, 1-2.5 cm, narrowed to petiolar base, entire or few toothed; cauline leaves sessile, 7-15 x 3-7 mm, oblong, coarsely and obtusely dentate, strongly auriculate at base, glabrous.
Integument mostly smooth and shining with a few indistinct fossae on the anterior part of head and minutely and densely punctulate sculpture in lower sides of alitrunk, also in front and behind of petiolar peduncles (Brown & Kempf 1969).
Opisthosoma: ovoid, without humps, proximally with triad of brown patches, one medial at petiolar base, other ones mediolateral; a large brown patch with transverse margins medially; a pale longitudinal line distally, some grey spots close by; two large grey patches in lateral view, two grey spots proximal to spinnerets; a whitish folium is absent.
Occiput with conspicuous reticulation and areolation, same for dorsum of thorax and petiolar node P.
The interaction is reminiscent of the symbiosis in the Central American tropics between the bullhorn acacia (Acacia cornigera, Fabaceae) and an ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea) that guards the plant against herbivores and in return eats protein nodules from the leaf tips and nectar from petiolar glands, and lives in the hollowed out Acacia thorns (Janzen 1983).