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17) Postmortem findings of falcons with viscerotropic velogenic ND infection, and in which radiographs revealed a distended ventriculus and inflamed ventricular wall, revealed moderate to severe petechial hemorrhages mainly on the isthmus of the proventriculus and across the ventriculus.
Various pathogenic mechanisms such as ischemia due to hypoxia, petechial hemorrhages, or CO itself have been accused for the changes found in the peripheral nerve (6).
The dead embryos showed swollen livers with petechial hemorrhages.
At this ER visit, he had a II/VI holosystolic murmur, subconjunctival petechial hemorrhages, and bibasilar crackles.
However, this clinical material allows only the tentative conclusion that the changes are the direct effect of primary blast injuries, because multifocal petechial hemorrhages in white matter can result from secondary and tertiary injuries, carbon monoxide intoxication, and air and fat emboli.
Also, petechial hemorrhages caused inadvertently by trauma to the peritoneal layer during laparoscopy can be mistaken for endometriosis, but under NBI it is clear that there is no change in the vascular pattern.