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Synonyms for petechia

a mark on the skin indicative of a disease, as typhus


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a minute red or purple spot on the surface of the skin as the result of tiny hemorrhages of blood vessels in the skin (as in typhoid fever)

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There was no icterus, petechiae, or bruises or lymphadenopathy.
Melena was the most common presenting manifestation followed by petechiae and haematochezia.
Characteristic petechiae and symmetric rash should alert the practitioner of a hemorrhagic complication known as purpura fulminans.
Deflate the cuff and wait for 2 minutes; then count the petechiae below the antecubital fossa.
Purpura on the left plantar region in the absence of blisters was observed 3 days prior to admission (Figure 1(a)), and petechiae on the lower abdomen (Figure 1(b)) and the left knee region (Figure 1(c)) were noticed 5 days prior to admission.
The pathologic-anatomic summary was an obese lady with petechiae and ecchymosis on the upper chest wall and facial palsy.
The warning signs are hyperpyrexia ( fever above 102 Celsius), severe bodyache, eye pain ( pain behind the eyeballs), petechiae ( rash), severe vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration and altered consciousness.
The 20 dengue case-patients showed a variety of clinical symptoms (Table): high fever (100%), headache (100%), dizziness (45%), myalgia (50%), nausea and vomiting (40%), rash (40%), and petechiae (25%).
The percentage of candidiasis, gingival enlargement, and petechiae and ecchymosis was less than 10% in patients undergoing dialysis whereas it was nil in healthy individuals.
5% of cases of which majority (87%) presented with petechiae followed by haematemesis (9%) and epistaxis (4%).
Diminished blood flow makes the vaginal walls appear pale, often with petechiae and inflammation.
Clinical signs of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) include coughing, gasping and sneezing, diarrhea, petechiae, twisted neck, and paresis of legs and wings and its preventive measures include vaccination of poultry, quarantine, import restrictions, and banning feeding based on animal tissues.
Six months ago the patient was diagnosed with pernio erythema (cutaneous distal lesions of her upper and lower limbs with erythema, pain and petechiae at the distal phalanges worsened in cold exposure).
Clinical examination of suffering calves was performed ardently and revealed clinical markers such as lymph nodes enlargement, pallor or jaundiced mucous membrane, reduces appetite, pyrexia, pica, coughing and respiratory distress, lacrimation, exophthalmia, petechiae, recumbency, sub-mandibular and/or ventral edema, melena, diarrhea and hemoglobinnuria were recorded.