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an explosive device used to break down a gate or wall

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Now Petards is set to boost its software solutions offering by snapping up the entire issued share capital of RTS Solutions (Holdings) Limited and RTS Solutions (UK) Limited, a transportation software engineering company.
Raschid Abdullah, Petards chairman said: "We are delighted to welcome RTS and its staff to the Petards Group and look forward to working with them to further develop and grow its business.
Finally, the Petards shares were down 0.7% at GBP0.3003 per share on Tuesday.
The Team Valley business, which employs more than 100 people, announced it has been awarded a contract to supply Bombardier Transportation with hi-tech CCTV cameras, Petards EYETRAINS.
The consideration, which will be satisfied in cash from Petards existing cash reserves, includes deferred consideration of GBP 140,000 the payment of which is subject to QRO achieving revenues of at least GBP 1.75m and profits before tax of at least GBP 240,000 in the year ending 30 November 2016.
Dans une declaration accordee a Africanmanager, Issam Dardouri president de l'organisation Syndicat tunisienne des Forces de Securite et du Citoyen, a declare que le phenomene de declenchement des incendies ressemble beaucoup a celui de feux d'artifice et de petards.
"The homemade explosives they used were ordinary petards, which were no more dangerous than the balloons that blew up
While indeed, critics find fault in the best of things, including arguments, those claiming the knowledge high-ground should also be wary of pokey petards.
"Use of petards can affect the public order and complicate work of police, since erroneous reports can be made about explosions and shootouts," the law enforcement agencies said.
Instead of catching the main dealers of cigarettes and petards, the police are being violent toward underage sellers who are considered to be victims of this tragedy.
Michael Howard (Diligence), Malcolm Rifkind (ArmorGroup), Patrick Mercer (Blue Hackle) and Ian Taylor (Petards Group) all top up their basic MP salaries of pounds 61,000 with some well-paid moonlighting.
As one who has spent considerable time dangling and swaying, I can attest that writers and editors--"especially those who try to be funny"--often are hoisted by their own petards and left twisting in the wind.
The service will use software from APD Communications and RAM Mobile Data's Interim Mobile Data Network, and initially it will be rolled out to 100 patrol cars which will have specially designed mobile data terminals from Petards Datax.
Apres l'eradication du marche longeant la rue Amar Ali dans la basse Casbah, les petits revendeurs de petards et autres produits du genre se font rares.