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an explosive device used to break down a gate or wall

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He said: "I am pleased to report that Petards had another good year in 2017 during which the group made a substantial investment in its eyeTrain hardware and software and achieved record pre-tax profits.
Meme les marchands de fruits et de legumes se voient bousculer par les vendeurs de petards qui vantent a tue -tete la qualite de leurs marchandises.
0 million for the delivery of an Emulator that will enable Petards ALE-47 Threat Adaptive Countermeasures Dispenser System (TACDS)to De used more effectively, thereby enhancing the survivability of aircraft and crew.
The Team Valley business, which employs more than 100 people, announced it has been awarded a contract to supply Bombardier Transportation with hi-tech CCTV cameras, Petards EYETRAINS.
The consideration, which will be satisfied in cash from Petards existing cash reserves, includes deferred consideration of GBP 140,000 the payment of which is subject to QRO achieving revenues of at least GBP 1.
While indeed, critics find fault in the best of things, including arguments, those claiming the knowledge high-ground should also be wary of pokey petards.
Use of petards can affect the public order and complicate work of police, since erroneous reports can be made about explosions and shootouts," the law enforcement agencies said.
Instead of catching the main dealers of cigarettes and petards, the police are being violent toward underage sellers who are considered to be victims of this tragedy.
Certains Iraniens fabriquent parfois eux-memes de puissants petards artisanaux a l'occasion des evenements heureux, notamment pour celebrer les fetes de nouvel an.
Evidence that petards did sometimes backfire was obviously available to Shakespeare and has come down to us in the modern expression "hoist with his own petard".
As one who has spent considerable time dangling and swaying, I can attest that writers and editors--"especially those who try to be funny"--often are hoisted by their own petards and left twisting in the wind.
The service will use software from APD Communications and RAM Mobile Data's Interim Mobile Data Network, and initially it will be rolled out to 100 patrol cars which will have specially designed mobile data terminals from Petards Datax.
LAS VEGAS -- Pivot3 Inc, the inventor of high-definition storage based on distributed RAID, today announced a reseller agreement with Petards Inc.
GATESHEAD security specialist Petards has won another deal with regular customer the Ministry of Defence, worth PS1.
Il a ajoute que 2438 des pistolets type pistolets a feu, 6312 de petards et 1499 de pistolets a cartouches ont ete saisis dans les gouvernorats de Sidi Bouzid, Mahdia, Monastir, Medenine, Kairouan, Kef, Kebili et Siliana.