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Synonyms for petabyte

a unit of information equal to 1000 terabytes or 10^15 bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 tebibytes or 2^50 bytes

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Supported by IBM services, this solution is capable of handling more than 500 petabytes of data.
Up to 224 nodes can be configured, delivering a massive level of storage capacity of up to 56 petabytes.
AmpliStor was designed to dramatically reduce the cost of storing petabytes of big unstructured data, and with the AS 30 we're taking storage density to an even greater level," said Wim De Wispelaere, CEO of Amplidata.
2 Petabytes - with room to spare for a UPS, KVM, Network switch/firewall, or other of eRacks' rack accessories.
In addition to the innovative processing and cooling, the SuperMUC features 12 petabytes of permanent disk storage.
The search for cures to our most serious health problems and the records of patient treatments are generating petabytes of new data everyday.
To support the effort, eBay has the distinction of running the world's largest commercial enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment at five petabytes, powered by Teradata.
Table: Worldwide HDD Petabyte Shipments by Form Factor and Consumption Category, 2013-2018 (PB)
Teradata's Extreme Data Appliance Affordably Scales to 50 Petabytes and Beyond
2 billion global backhaul funding gap with a 16 petabyte shortfall in backhaul capacity by 2017.
There will be multi-terabyte disks by 2010--possibly even petabyte disks.
LAS VEGAS -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in data warehousing and enterprise analytics, today announced that five Teradata customers now have data warehousing environments exceeding one petabyte, processing tens and hundreds of terabytes per day.
These industries will create enormous amounts of data via digitized images--on the magnitude of many petabytes (a petabyte = 1,000 terabytes, or the equivalent to 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets full of text) that digital images create.
Starting as low as $24,000 per terabyte, the MRA product line can grow from fifteen terabytes up to a petabyte and is designed to handle the most complex data warehouse challenges.
Because we anticipate growing our storage to one petabyte or more by next year, we are planning ahead and creating processes so the growth does not overwhelm our organization," said Michelle Butler, technical program manager at NCSA.