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Synonyms for petabyte

a unit of information equal to 1000 terabytes or 10^15 bytes

a unit of information equal to 1024 tebibytes or 2^50 bytes

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Intel is trying to change that with a new form factor for SSDs that could push server capacities into the petabyte range.
Private cloud storage can scale out to meet the demands for additional storage capacity, but can it scale down to meet the needs of small and medium-sized organizations that don't have petabytes of data?
In the future, Panasonic plans to increase the capacity of the Archival Disc to 500GB and eventually 1TB per disc, which will enable an even larger-scale freeze-ray system, including petabyte capacity increases.
The storage capacity of the ETERNUS CD10000 can be scaled out to 56 petabytes just by adding storage nodes, which combine disks with controllers.
Not only are enterprise data stores--both in core, mission-critical databases as well as other environments--scaling into the terabyte and petabyte range but they encompass an unfathomable range of formats as well, from traditional structured, relational data to message documents, graphics, videos and audio files.
Is the solution "enterprise scale,", allowing for the storage and management of many petabytes (not just terabytes) of storage?
With 4K and 3D video formats, Media & Entertainment is certainly a major force in driving Petabyte scale storage requirements for big unstructured data," said Randy Kerns, senior strategist at The Evaluator Group.
Massively scalable, the new flagship of the ETERNUS DX family is purpose-built for enterprises that demand outstanding storage peak performance of up to 4 million Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) and a huge capacity of up to 14 petabytes, paired with enterprise-class resiliency and always-on availability.
This data now amounts to over 22 million files (requiring almost 2 petabytes of storage capacity) and is available to researchers around the world.
Innovative online reseller runs world's largest commercial enterprise data warehouse environment at 5 petabytes, joining Teradata's petabyte club
A petabyte is roughly the equivalent of all the content in the US Library of Congress times 100.
The two petabyte milestone figure excludes shipments by Hewlett Packard, one of Plasmon's key OEM partners, which also offers a family of UDO optical libraries as part of its Storageworks product line.
A petabyte is 1 million times larger than a gigabyte.
Engine manufacturers have not been able to capture and analyze the nearly one petabyte of engine test and maintenance data needed to enhance the performance and reliability of engines.
There will be multi-terabyte disks by 2010--possibly even petabyte disks.