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Synonyms for pestilent

extremely destructive or harmful

Synonyms for pestilent

exceedingly harmful

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likely to spread and cause an epidemic disease

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Some folk have been clearly rid of such pestilent fantasies with very full contempt thereof [by] making a cross upon their heart and bidding the devil avaunt--and sometimes laugh him to scorn too and then turn their mind to some other matter.
The next time I do fight, I'll make death love me; for I will contend [PP11, PP11] Even with his pestilent scythe.
There are ten pestilent potions to make, including sewer ooze with Trash Rat's Sewer Sludge and Sour Snail's slime, plus many more - all designed to bring the slimy stench of the Trash Pack Trashies to life.
Such statements may include milder forms of dehumanizing the victim group through techniques of verminization (equating the group with parasitic, pestilent subhuman creatures such as lice or locusts), pathologization (analogizing the group with disease), and demonization (ascribing to the group satanic or other comparably evil qualities).
On the pretext of quarantining the pestilent minority, thereby ridding their society of the infectious few, the foreign invaders have struck at the core of the indigenous people's solidarity, not a mere peripheral element of the sickly.
From the earliest days Aboriginal people were spurned as dirty, odorous and pestilent.
The memory was there: Ships pull in harbors with unknown pestilent cargo.
And he describes the pestilent tick in "Advent" with the language of sacrifice and redemption, asking "What is it I owe them there?
For the life of the philosopher is less like that of a man on a journey, he suggested, than that of the gardener whose plot is constantly threatened by "weeds [that] spread in the furrows which have been so laboriously ploughed" and "swarms of pestilent insects.
It is the remaining pestilent weeds that give most headaches to us gardeners and I suspect that I would run out of page space if I made any attempt even to list them.
6] Other than perhaps it is against international law, against the will of the people, against common sense, and the means to the end is by way of massacres and demolitions, certainly gives another meaning to Ben-Gurion's sense of morality, the Jewish overlord ridding himself of the pestilent, backward, and uncivilized and uncultured Palestinians.
Laertes, returned from France, "wants not buzzers [whispering tale-bearers] to infect his ear/with pestilent speeches of his father's death" (IV.
The new work focused on the flight of the pestilent locust, renowned for its efficient flying style.
Similarly, La Gloria in the Perote Valley has been transformed into a pestilent hellhole by Smith-field subsidiary Granjas Carroll.
Sea fowls are pecking at the small crabs, shell-fish, and other sea candies and maccaroni, which the Right Whale sometimes carries on his pestilent back.