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Synonyms for pestiferous

contaminated with infecting organisms


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likely to spread and cause an epidemic disease

tending to corrupt or pervert

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Similarly, since Rachel Carson's documentation of the unintended negative consequences of pesticides entered the public discourse, the war against pestiferous insects has not stopped, merely shifted.
This notoriously pestiferous and ecologically disruptive species has thrived in California for over a century.
"The knife must be applied to this pestiferous disgusting cancer which is gnawing into the very vitals of the body politic," thundered presidential hopeful Stephen Douglas in 1857.
On July 4th, 1800, Jonathan Russel of Providence, Rhode Island described conditions on the Jersey: "It was in the dungeons of our inhuman invaders; it was in the loathsome and pestiferous prisons, that the wretchedness of our countrymen still makes the heart bleed.
Discovery and development of chemical attractants used to trap pestiferous social wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae).
They were so positively wretched that they really became fascinating in that very account--as your half way beggars are despised by every body while your thorough going pestiferous, rag and filth accumulation sits to Murillo and the Masters....
The reboot of the old cartoon favourite sees Danger Mouse, right, take on all manner of positively pestiferous plots.
In Reflections on the Revolution in France, when he takes up the economic complaints of the revolutionaries and of their supporters in Britain, Burke takes note of "the innumerable servile, degrading, unseemly, unmanly, and often most unwholesome and pestiferous occupations, to which by the social economy so many wretches are inevitably doomed." (1) He can see why the conditions of so many workers would lead some observers to demand radical change.
that--even in the absence of European interference--the union itself could survive unless those egregious baubles of sovereignty, those pestiferous incitements to demagogy, the State Governments were more adequately controlled, if not abolished." (citation and quotation marks omitted)).
But to hint that, so long as you give up your own self-control and allow yourself to be a victim to all these pestiferous little gratifications that are offered to you in the city, so long will you present a marked contrast to the noble physique of the lumberman and hunter.
He has shown himself a greater supporter of these people than any predecessor who was not himself a Saracen, and he has greatly assisted and promoted that pestiferous sect by bringing them many thousands of Christian and other boys to engage in evil and the other illicit activities mentioned above and by transporting a great supply of iron, wood, and other things forbidden by the church.
Pestiferous beetles in these families hungrily consume turf, garden vegetables, ornamental shrubs and shade trees as well as agricultural or horticultural crops, while their subterranean larvae frequently attack roots."
(133) It is a worldview that more than echoes its colonial heritage where both human and animal populations were sub-humanized and exterminated through pestiferous ideology of who belongs and who does not.
Leaf hopper is a pestiferous insect that sucks the cell sap and injects toxic saliva into leaves resulting in yield loss (Singh et al., 2008).