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Synonyms for pessimist



Synonyms for pessimist

a prophet of misfortune or disaster

Antonyms for pessimist

a person who expects the worst

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Of this he was very proud, and it made him more disposed than ever to laugh at the pessimists. In vain would they all tell him that there were men in that crowd from which he had been chosen who had stood there a month--yes, many months--and not been chosen yet.
With the superfluous securities of hope at his command, there was no reason why he should not have increased other people's liabilities to any extent, but for the fact that men whose names were good for anything were usually pessimists, indisposed to believe that the universal order of things would necessarily be agreeable to an agreeable young gentleman.
"Oh God, he's seen me and his pace is quickening," mutters the pessimist through teeth stained by curses.
By the pessimist prognosis of the Finance Ministry, the public external debt of Kyrgyzstan will reach 68% of GDP by the end of 2010, Deputy Finance Minister Samat Kalzhyev said.At present, the public external debt is 25% of GDP or $2.5 billion.
Though the book is structured primarily as a historical survey of pessimist thought, Dienstag also hopes to persuade readers of the tradition's contemporary appeal.
Is the cartoonist an optimist or a pessimist about the topic he is illustrating?
THE late, great, jumps trainer Tim Forster was a noted pessimist, and pessimistic about being one.
Her self-description was not entirely flattering: "a pessimist if I'm not careful, a feminist always, a Black, a quiet egoist, a former Baptist, and an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive." The Washington Post offered a shorter, more fitting evaluation, calling her simply "one of the finest voices in fiction, period."
Some researchers are saying that the effect of being a pessimist, in terms of longevity, is like smoking cigarettes.
If anything, all of this makes me more of a cautious pessimist than cautious optimist.
Keep all open mind and avoid appearing too conservative or you may be seen as a pessimist. For perspective, be aware that even the marketing experts have been shown to be wrong.
While a positive attitude might help you in a variety of ways, such as coping with bad health news, there is at least one area of life where it might be better to be a pessimist than an optimist: gambling.
WILBUR (WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF) (15): Black comedy of a pessimist so disillusioned with life that his only thought is how to end it -but who always bungles his suicide and is rescued by his overbearing brother.
One way to prevent the pessimist from doing damage is to give him as little to work with as possible.
According hi Seligman, a pessimist assumes that the problem is never-ending or "stable," while the optimist believes that file problem is "temporary."