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Synonyms for perversity

Synonyms for perversity

Synonyms for perversity

deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline

deliberately deviating from what is good


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Alternately elusive and stunningly candid as it unpicks the Fassaert clan's tangled, troubled history with nonagenarian matriarch Marianne Hertz, this deceptively artless, journal-style film has no need for any carefully sculpted twists; rather, it's the sheer unpredictable perversity of human nature that takes the breath away at key points in Fassaert's unsettling, perhaps unsolvable, inquiry.
25PM PREMIERE Kevin Hart is all over Regina Hall and Michael Ealy cosies up to Joy Bryant, in a relocation of David Mamet's Sexual Perversity In Chicago.
And the husband and wife team who are staging Sexual Perversity In Chicago say it is as relevant today as it was four decades ago.
DAVID Mamet's dark comedy about the singles scene in the Seventies - Sexual Perversity In Chicago - is visiting North Wales next year.
Primarily examining the phenomena as expressive of a female fantasy of male homoerotica, sections delve into particular works and consider concepts of androgyny, perversity, gender norms, sexuality, female empowerment and dis-empowerment, as well as cultural implications.
Emerging out of the 1960s Canadian counterculture, which accepted and even encouraged polymorphous perversity, General Idea (AA Bronson, Felix Partz, and Jorge Zontal) established itself as an outfit of anti-art art-pranksters, living their work as theater and working prolifically to exploit every medium.
In discussing the slow--and slowing--economic recovery on ABC's "This Week" talking heads program, Will said, "The trouble is, the consumer in his native perversity has begun to save.
The perversity of an empty stroller in front of the coffee shop.
To press ahead, while ringing their hands and blaming the Tories, seems like perversity of a monumental scale and, again, they should resign immediately.
They smile for journalists and cameramen as they spread their phoney message of tolerance, diversity and perversity, while in private they line their and their families' pockets, and advance their personal fortunes at our expense.
That seemed hard to top for sheer perversity, but then beleaguered National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds rose to the challenge.
But also lacking in this Laurence Boswell production is the level of sheer nastiness and perversity that is at the centre of the play.
On Daniel," he noted, "the Individual believed to be the Savior of the world by nearly a billion people around the globe is cast as a wimpy, white-robed visitor who cares little about evil, addictions and perversity.
Later versions were cleaned-up and became more coherent, but lost in the process some of the energy and some of the creative perversity.