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Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict

Related Words

resistant to guidance or discipline

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

References in classic literature ?
They were narrow and intemperate and perverse as any I had heard him advocate as the firebrand of the Debating Society in my first term.
You might think that in the circumstances he would not have attended the head master's ball with which the evening ended; but that would be sadly to misjudge so perverse a creature as the notorious Nipper.
The driver, seeing him thus stop, laid his whip lustily about his shoulders and said, "O you perverse dull-head
You were always perverse, Julian, as a child, in your likings and dislikings," Lady Janet rejoined.
All these summons proving ineffectual (for the captain had, by perverse accident, betaken himself to a new walk that evening), Mrs Blifil declared she was seriously frightened.
said Kitty, trying assiduously to catch with her fork a perverse mushroom that would slip away, and setting the lace quivering over her white arm.
Thus, all that Lucy had effected by her zealous mediation was to fill Tom's mind with the expectation that Maggie's perverse resolve to go into a situation again would presently metamorphose itself, as her resolves were apt to do, into something equally perverse, but entirely different,--a marriage with Philip Wakem.
Even in running away, however, Whisker was perverse, for he had not gone very far when he suddenly stopped, and before assistance could be rendered, commenced backing at nearly as quick a pace as he had gone forward.
The business leaders have stressed the need for a strong price for carbon and the elimination of perverse subsidies such as those for fossil fuels .
Prof McGlade said: "It's a very serious signal - a very perverse signal that we do not want to create.
They said: "Targets based on company profits or share price can create perverse incentives.
Perverse decision to bar new residents I WAS very concerned to read (Daily Post, Jan 31st ) that Denbighshire County Council had issued instructions that their residential home, Cysgod-y Gaer, Corwen, would not be admitting new permanent residents due to the imminent consultation on the future of the 3 remaining council owned homes.
There was this perverse angst that things were turning bad, but the opposite has happened: inflation is low and uncertainty reduced.
Things go from bad to perverse as Benji (Graham Jenkins) must fight and fuck his way through father figures, hookers with no hearts, marauding madmen and the hopelessly lost.
In Why the Law Is So Perverse, University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Leo Katz uses social-choice theory to analyze anomalies he attributes to the common law.