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Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict

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resistant to guidance or discipline

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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A law scholar's work is to make law sound and demonstrate law's soundness rather than represent law as perverse.
Jack Perverse and James Hearne are two eighteenth-century children--one fictional, one historical--in whom we see a collision between the complex discourses of childhood and perversity.
There are no perfect electoral systems and perverse results can arise from proportional systems too: parties receiving the most votes can be excluded from power by coalitions against them.
In a nutshell: Grindingly dreamy portrait of the celebrated photographer isn't nearly as perverse, insightful or alive as its subject demands.
Included in this volume are: The Masque of the Red Death, Hop Frog, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven and The Imp of the Perverse.
Roger William, Partner of accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy, said: "Taking away the existing exemption on computers seems slightly perverse.
A perverse passion for the English language always makes me suspicious: when people use that word 'critical' as an adjective to qualify the phrase 'architectural theory'.
If followers of other religions are not allowed to swear on their holy texts, but only on the Bible, the jurors could yield to a perverse logic and say: "Well, how can we be sure they told the truth--they don't even believe in the Bible?
Some donations given by Canadians for the victims of last December's tsunami have in a perverse way ended up contributing to human rights violations in Aceh, Indonesia and funding so-called reconstruction projects that benefit big businesses instead of intended beneficiaries in Sri Lanka, two activists have claimed.
She enjoys their legendary confrontations in a perverse manner so she always makes them worse than they have to be.
They lack feelings of guilt or remorse and view their victims as mere objects that they can manipulate for their own perverse satisfaction and sense of power, control, mastery, and domination.
Arafat and his inner circle, obviously, would be highly motivated to keep the PLO chief's perverse sexual proclivities secret from his followers and supporters, most of whom are Muslims.
On August 13, one of the students, a Polish man identified only as Piotr Z, 27, received a six-month suspended sentence for possessing 1,700 images of perverse sex with children after the discovery of the pornographic and homosexual ring.
The House Committee on Resources, where many conservation bills originate, is chaired by California Republican Richard Pombo, a former rancher who has called critical habitat requirements "one of the most perverse shortcomings" of the ESA.
By identifying so maW schools as failing--as North Carolina and Kentucky suggest, the numbers are often exponentially more than even the most rigorous state accountability systems turn up--NCLB has also created a pair of perverse incentives for states and schools to act in ways directly counter to the law's intent.