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Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

Synonyms for perverse

marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict

Related Words

resistant to guidance or discipline

deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good

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"Some of this might be a perverse effect of our success in prevention, and by reducing fires in our wholetime areas."
"This perverse tendency of inequality is disastrous for the future of humanity."In words echoing the complaints of grassroots protest movements around the world, Francis lamented that the rate of extreme poverty reduction was slowing "while the concentration of riches in the hands of few is increasing".
Commenting on the Government's response, Ms Morgan said: "The committee expressed concern about the complexity and perverse incentives of the Lifetime Isa.
The post ( Bullets First and Aid Later is a Perverse Israeli Tactic appeared first on ( Palestine Chronicle.
It also says the legal caps on borrowing have undermined the independence of the CBK."Following the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) meeting in January 2018, it was noted that there was scope for accommodative monetary policy, however, interest rate caps had created an environment of possible perverse outcomes, thus constraining the MPC from using the CBR (Central Bank Rate) to signal its policy stance," it notes.
The lectures cover perverse sheaves and the topology of algebraic varieties, an introduction to affine Grassmannians and the geometric Satake equivalence, Springer theories and orbital integrals, perverse sheaves and fundamental lemmas, K-theory computations in enumerative geometry, and perverse sheaves on instanton moduli spaces.
The Arsenal captain described Schweinsteiger's situation at Old Trafford as a "bit perverse" and said he had endured "bad luck" at the club with the arrival of Jose Mourinho.
LABOUR'S highest-ranking Jewish MP Luciana Berger says she has no intention of leaving the party over anti-semitism - and to do so would be perverse.
These points are illustrated in an extended analysis of his poem "Anactoria" and the commentary he composed as a defense, published in his Notes on Poems and Reviews: the perverse physical and emotional landscape of the poem is defended in the Notes on the grounds that it is eminently normal.
SOLAR CUTS Cuts in Government support for renewable energy send a "perverse signal" to other countries about the UK's attitude on the issue, the chief scientist of the UN environment programme has said.
Think tank the High Pay Centre says "perverse" rules allow too many big bosses to pocket bumper bonuses without good reason.
What is needed, indeed required, is a rethinking of Abelard which takes seriously the encouragement to regard Abelard himself as a perverse twelfth-century topic (or text) which should be subjected to a robust and rigorous perverse reading in order to avoid a real perverse historicisation.
Weigel's attempt to present the U.C.-Santa Cruz incident as a further example of this hostile political climate is simply perverse. When an angry mob prevents fellow students from freely speaking and associating with military recruiters, the mob is the threat to free speech--not conservatives who vigorously protest this lawlessness.
At the same time, however, campaigners for child welfare found it difficult to breach the walls of liberal individualism, particularly the fear of "perverse incentives" that might offer levels of assistance higher than even the lowest wages, or reward the poor for having more children.