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a wig for men that was fashionable in the 17th and 18th centuries


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The director once proclaimed that he would abjure the use of professional actors, save for Leaud, whose deteriorating Louis, all but consumed by his cumulus of a peruke, a nerve leaping in his ashen cheek as he nuzzles his beloved borzois and parodies the appurtenances of power with exaggerated gallantry, poignantly embodies not only the expiring ancien regime but also the last of the Nouvelle Vague, long synonymous with the actor.
Wig and peruke makers were among the regular suppliers to the theatre, and some such as Mr Pope, peruke supplier to Drury Lane, were paid extra for their hairdressing services over a number of nights.
The Peruke Maker: The Salem Witch Hunter Curse" is a story of a curse of the innocents that ravages Salem hundreds of years later.
sound of loud music, as if many instruments had made one blast' silences the grotesque music of the hags in Queens (334-5), as the removal of Epicoene's peruke silences Morose's malicious loquacity.
I want a young man about 14 or 15 years old that can trim and look after a peruke.
The Groundlings actors appear to be engaged in a cheesiest wig competition with the highest, frizziest peruke taking the prize.
Pewter Buttons 2:6d pcs 1 7 2 Packets of Rings 5 8 a small box of Ear Rings 6 a Bagg of Small Bits 1 10 1 Otter Skin 5 6 1 old Muff & peruke 1 9 a Bundle of Womens apparel 1 10 an old Coat & small parcel of cocoa 3 44 pcs of printed Calico at 20s pcs.
Most common is the pulling or taking off of such items: "Pulls his Beard and hair off" (Island Princess, 169); "casts off his Peruke, and Beard" (Novella, 177).
There is the twin who has the Toni, and there a peruke in pink.